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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BUSH-CHENEY: SHOULD THEY BOTH BE IMPEACHED? It’s doubtful if Congress (Democrats or Republicans) or the public have the stomach for such a process!

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With echoing calls for an investigation into the pre-Iraq war activities on part of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration, and possible preparation of an impeachment document by Conservatives in the House of Commons, I am reminded of thoughts that came to mind over two years ago upon learning that it was “highly probable” the Bush and Cheney administration simply used the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) issue as a pretext to invade Iraq.

I said then, and I say now-as an independent, non-aligned political party member: If Congress can find cause to initiate impeachment procedures against former President Bill Clinton for his under the desk and inside the closet sexual indiscretions, surely that body- the House of Representatives-should have the collective intestinal fortitude based on
fundamental -legitimate-Constitutional grounds and reasoning to launch an investigation into the current Administration’s alleged transgressions in reaching the ill, misguided and catastrophic decision to invade Iraq.

Especially, in light of established facts the Administration, particularly Cheney and his right-wing partners and cohorts (Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearl and others), allegedly, intentionally disrearded intelligence reports that stated just the opposite as what their prejudgmental and poorly reasoned conclusions were telling them.
In addition, purportedly, the US military, though meekly, expressed reservations about WMDs being in Saddam Hussein’s possession as well.

Quite naturally, my blood temperature level reached a boiling point with disgust, sadness, teary eyes and anger upon entertaining the very thought that our men and women were sent into harms way, for a war that was unnecessary and could have been avoided. Even today, my perceptions and perspectives and emotional feelings remain unabated. I often find myself thinking both silently and at times vocally speaking out loud, while suppressing internal screams that originate from the deepest crevices of my mortal soul: “The unmitigated gall!” “What in the hell were the Congress thinking about; in particular Democrats?” “Where in God’s name are their morals, ethics and humanness?”

Clearly, the imploding Republicans, who currently and arrogantly control both Houses of Congress, will not begin an investigation because they hold allegiance more to their respective political party than they do to the country, or the Constitution. Even if Democrats take one or both Houses next week, they will probably bring up all kinds of current and past issues and threaten to look deeply into alleged malfeasance on part of the other party. But in the long run, it will just be show tactics to make the public feel good, and believe they, the Democrats, are the better, or more ethical and moral party. And it is questionable and highly unlikely that a majority of the public would support an impeachment proceeding anyway, due to blind loyalty towards their political party. Americans! Isn’t it time for you to seriously consider electing a third party candidate? Of course, that is a subject for a future BLOG posting.

No doubt, history will show that no one of significance in leadership positions (not Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz or Pearle, etc.), actually paid a price or were held legally responsible for getting the USA into a mess that it now finds itself paying so dearly for on various fronts: lost of innocent civilian Iraqi lives; US military dead, wounded and maimed for life-numbers increasing day-by-day; grieving families torn apart on all sides; massive destruction of Iraqi infrastructures; loss of its moral authority and no longer trusted as the honest-broker. And, last but not least, billions of US dollars being wasted on a war that could have done “wonders” for the very same people whose tax dollars are paying for an ill-conceived, ill-planned, unnecessary and inhumane war.

Thus, i
n my book, if there ever were a public servant or servants deserving of impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors, I submit that Bush and Cheney are prime candidates, individually and collectively. But that day of reckoning will never happen. And we all know why. Don’t we? You decide!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


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I Simply could not refrain from commenting and missing this opportunity to state the obvious that I am sure other viewers have noticed on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor in which there is a concentrated effort to influence voters come this November in favor of the Republicans and/or the Conservatives.

Clearly, it is their prerogative to report on whatever subject chosen, invite whomsoever they desire as guests. But what I detest mostly, is the hypocritical nature in which Bill O’Reilly constantly uses the phrase “I’m looking out for you” with his viewing audience and fans, while at the same time couching his true intentions by trying to indirectly influence the ways his audience think about issues that he is so hyperactive about. No doubt his targeted minions are those conservatives and undecided viewers that, perhaps, do not consistently stay abreast of news issues and policies; which means they are the most vulnerable and impressionable of all.

O’Reilly’s interview of President Bush last week, just three weeks before the election, and his interview last night with Newt Gingrich (the hypocritical, disgraced and wicked former speaker of the House) showed him touting for the millionth time what he and his kind perceive is at stake if the democrats are victorious in taking either one or both of the Congressional houses. Purposefully sending the scary message that there will be a calamity, all hell will break loose in Washington D.C., or the entire country will fall apart if democrats win.

As if we haven’t heard all that type rhetoric and misleading garbage before; from both republicans and democrats or democrats and republicans-back and forth- depending on which party is in control determines which party as the opposition will become more pathetic, ridiculous and sickening. And I would be remiss if I left out the fact we hear some of the same chorus line statements and pronouncements coming from each party’s blind following supporters, and high paid special interest pundits.

After watching both aforementioned interviews and observing O’Reilly’s hidden intentions and motives, foremost being to salvage the Bush presidency from th escurge of the Iraq war and to minimize negative election impact, I became quite sad, nauseated, frustrated and angry. Especially when watching and hearing how O’Reilly framed his questions in a manner to solicit responses to support his flawed theories and sometimes clouded and skewed facts. For example, he made the declarative statement while interviewing the Newt, that “if the Iraq war were going well in Bush’s favor and the President’s poll ratings were around sixty percent or so, republicans would have no problems and walk away with this November’s election. Huh! As if Iraq is the only issue that has turned the public against the Administration, and, yes, even staunch and delusional republicans who are seemingly turning away in droves from their own party. No, it’s not the economy, stupid. Nor is it just about gross and consistent mistakes in Iraq.

O’Reilly, let me remind you of some of the primary reasons there is a real serious and unwavering backlash against the republican overseers of the peoples’ business: Arrogance, scandal after scandal, corruption, overspending, pork barrel projects that have no real value, gridlock, greed and stupidity. That’s not to say democrats will do any better or worse if they were in power. Those cited indiscretions are just things we must recognize, challenge, and try to change. While at the same time, hoping for the better, that the next Congress will do better than the last did. Realizing that no political system is flawless. And especially this two party structure that benefits mostly incumbents that are in power, their families and friends, and special interests with political connections. Simply a corrupt and vile revolving door. But O’Reilly’s efforts to rescue the republicans this mid-term election 2006, has about as much chance of succeeding as Bugs Bunny has becoming the next president of Disney World or the USA. Positive spins and twisted facts want save the day, this time.

Unquestionably, the O’Reillys of the news and entertainment media, be it from the right or from the left, clearly don’t get it. People are fed up!. They want change. If poll predictions are correct, they will effectuate that change at the voting booth in November; while holding their noses-of course. And two years from November, voters will go through the same exercise all over again. Thus, taking part in a perpetuating never ending vicious repetitive cycle by supporting a system that is second to none, while simultaneously fostering and harboring a perpetual revolving door process at their on tragic and obscured expense. That’s the American way, though. God Bless The Good Old USA! You decide!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EVANGELICANS "MOCKED" BY BUSH WHITE HOUSE(?): Should This Be A Surprise? Evangelicals should know that is the MO of politicians and bureaucrats

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I recently read in The Guardian, a British newspaper, that David kuo, a former White House aide, in his newly released book, Tempting Faith: an Inside Story of Political Seduction, portrays the Bush White House’s commitment to evangelical causes as little more than a cynical facade designed to win votes. Mr Kuo writes that “National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as ridiculous, out of control, and just plain goofy;” just to quote a couple examples of several listed in the article.

Quite naturally, the White House through its spokesman, Tony Snow, denied and rejected Mr Kuo’s claims; which is the common modus operandi of practically all politicians, government bureaucrats and heads of state. Deny all charges, whether true or false, and it is highly possible that others will began to believe the disclaimers. And so will those accused as well as their manipulating blind following pundits if they echo the same mantra over-and-over, incessantly.

My primary thought is that evangelical Christians should have known that using others is what politicians and those in power, mostly do. And evangelicals are not to be excluded from their list. If they think or thought they were, then they are more naive that I would have imagined. It’s all a game to those politicos, in that they look at their supporters, voters, and yes even well-meaning religious organizations, simply, as prostitutes. Some will even prostitute their own mothers to garner votes to get elected or stay in office. It’s simply the nature of the political beast. And it AIN’T going to change nor stop.

Voters' suspicion, persistence, vigilance and oversight is the answer to keeping things somewhat manageable by holding the corrupt and disingenuous ones feet to the fire. After all, it is the public that pays the politicians’ salaries for doing the peoples’ business, which is primarily part-time work. The majority of a politician’s time is spent on doing fun raisers, attending cocktail parties, and traveling for pleasure-couched under the guise of doing official work-while trying to feel and look important. Plainly stated, they work for you and me. We are their bosses. And we should not let them forget that fact for one moment.

Apparently, the evangelicals were so involved in pushing their selfish agendas that they became blind followers, naive believers in the Administration, thus perfect candidates to be prostituted and mocked. Evangelical Christians! You served the White House’s purpose: To win elections, two terms. Bush isn’t running for office anymore as president. They probably thought they wouldn’t need you anymore-in the immediate future, since Bush has been elected two times with your votes. But they-perhaps-forgot about long term: The mid-term elections coming up in November; about three weeks from now.

My advice is, as the bible says: Do unto others as they do unto you(?). Stay at home and send the Republicans your best wishes-hoping they lose miserably across the board, both houses of Congress. An eye-for an-eye! But please keep in mind, you have only yourselves to blame. This “holier than thou,” “we know better than you” attitude was a factor that created an atmosphere for a train wreck that was waiting to happen as far as a long lasting relationship between evangelicals and Republicans. Even the politically savvy Karl Rove, doesn’t want religious dictum and ethos shelved down his throat. I know I don’t, or wouldn’t. Maybe it's true, Karl Rove and his White House cohorts considered your mind sets and approaches as fanaticism? You decide!
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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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Finally, a senior military officer stands up and shows the moral fortitude that has been lacking for too long from the architects and wagers of war among the Western coalition forces. Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt has caused an uproar in Britain and the prime Minister, Tony Blair, and his cabinet are scrambling at 10 Downing Street to minimize the political damage domestically, while attempting not to cause undue embarrassment for the Bush administration in Washington, D.C.

General Sir Richard Dannatt has merely said what many in the military and public sectors as well as high level government officials in both the US and Britain administrations, respectively, have known for a considerable amount time. And what senior Administration officials in the U.S. have expressed in private, while stating just the opposite in public.

Sir General Richard Dannatt, who is Britain's top army commander, said “the presence of British troops in Iraq was exacerbating security problems on the ground and they should be withdrawn soon.” In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, General Dannatt criticized post-war planning for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and said “the British presence in Iraq also hurt British security interests abroad,” which British Prime Minister Tony Blair has repeatedly denied. Which is the same unified and echoed mantra that comes from Washington as well.

The General continued by stating that “coalition troop (British and US) presence is inflaming the insurgency and the dire situation isn’t going to get any better as long as the forces remain.” He was asked ”Why not? “Because the Iraqis don’t take lightly to occupation by a foreign power or powers. Even the simplest of minds can understand that reasoning and explanation.” At last the raw truth has surfaced despite blatant efforts to suppress actual facts with rhetoric and spin and obvious deceit from both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

The general is correctly speaking out on behalf of his troops on the ground in Iraq in particular, the British military as a whole, and in the best interest of his country. As an honest, dedicated and career service man, he has a duty to do so. To do otherwise, would be disingenuous and cowardice when troops he is responsible for are in harms way. It is quite refreshing to have someone of his statue and position to tell it like it really is, without all the political spin .

Too many military high ranking officials are more concerned about guarding their careers than doing what is best and right for the troops, and primarily what is best for their country overall. No doubt had US military top brass strongly challenged the Bush administration from the inception,when invasion of Iraq was being contemplated and planned, the US probably would not be in the messy quagmire it now finds itself faced with today. Even if it meant resigning, would have been the honorable thing to do when something goes against one’s moral and ethical conscious, or when it is strongly felt there is not a legitimate basis for such an action as war.

Sure, the military is bound under the Constitution (US and Britain) to take orders from their civilian superiors, but not when something they are being asked to participate in or do is illegal, unethical, immoral or places the security of their nation at risk. The invasion of Iraq has definitely made both countries (US and Britain) less secure. And even today after General Sir Richard Dannatt's revealing interview, echoic spin continues coming out of both Washington and Downing Street; seemingly-with complete disregard for truth and reality.

Isn’t it high time US senior military leaders step up to the plate and speak the truth and stand shoulder to shoulder with Sir General Richard Dannatt? All they have to do is follow his lead and get in lockstep with him. He has opened the door. Now is a perfect time to speak out and let truth take its rightful place, and perhaps save lives. You decide!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006


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According to Reuters News: “ Militiamen firing mortars detonated a U.S. ammunition dump in Baghdad on Tuesday night, sparking a barrage of explosions that continued to shake the capital on Wednesday morning, a U.S. military spokesman said. A mortar round fired from the Abu Dsheer area of southern Baghdad caused the fire in an ammunition holding area in Camp Falcon, a forward operating base for U.S. troops, that ignited tank, artillery and small-arms ammunition, the spokesman said.”

I knew the incident would take place before it happened(?). And to learn yesterday morning that an attack actually did occur in Iraq against a U.S. military facility, gave me a weird notion, beyond simply feeling empathy for the soldiers inside the base who may have been injured or killed.

For the past couple weeks or so, I have had a strong intuitive message, both mental and visual, that a U.S. military base would come under attack in Iraq. Call it premonition, extra-sensory perception, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, insanity, or whatever. But the realism is that on sporadic occasions the haunting thought came to my mind. I even visualized the attackers using vehicles equipped with customized ladders, either installed on vehicles or type that can be thrown over the parameter fences while standing on the ground.

My mind also reflected back on a couple movies, Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse, I saw
some years ago that told an unforgettable mythical story about the long war between the Greeks and the Trojans: “The Greeks built an immense wooden horse and Odysseus, Menelaus,
and other warriors hid inside it. After leaving the horse at the gates of Troy, the Greek army sailed away. The Trojans thought the Greeks had given up and had left the horse as a gift. Cassandra, a Trojan priestess with psychic powers, knew the horse was trouble. She tried to warn her father, King Priam, but he wouldn't listen. A priest named Laocoon also warned the Trojans to beware of Greeks bearing gifts. He too was ignored. The horse was brought inside the walls of Troy. That night, while the Trojans were sleeping, the Greek ships quietly returned. The soldiers in the horse slipped out and opened the city gates, and the Greek army quietly entered Troy. They started fires all over the city. The Trojans awoke to find their city burning. When they tried to flee, they were massacred by Greek soldiers. "That was the fall of Troy.

And so, I imagined similar activity taking place in Iraq against U.S. troops. Scary huh? My understanding is that most people experience such mental visions, just some more so than others. But mine have been with me since my teen years. Though not as strong and frequent as they used to be, nonetheless those crazy experiences of looking into the future continue to spring up out of nowhere on occasions.. And I always recall where I was or what I was doing when the thought or vision first entered and invaded my mind, thus interrupting my thought processes.

Is this sanity, insanity or merely a common human earthly experience into the world of the unknown and unexplainable? You decide!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NORTH KOREA CONDUCTS A NUCLEAR TEST: IS THIS THE OCTOBER SURPRISE? Will this historic event work to the advantage of the Republicans, or against?

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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) conducted a nuclear test. Sowhat? In my opinion.

After listening to the news media and watching the chorus of disapproval coming from various players on the international stage express their outrage in the public forum, one would think Armageddon or an apocalyptic catastrophe has taken place. I couldn’t help but think to myself: The fear mongers are on the move again, My God! It’s the end of the world, finally! Not hardly. And what is so ironic is those that are most vociferous are the very countries that already possess nuclear weapons in their arsenals, or at least have the capability to produce nuclear fusion.

Disaster did not occur and eradicate humankind from the face of the earth when the eight nations now belonging to the exclusive Nuclear Club detonated their devices the first time: U.S. (1945), Britain (1952), the defunct Soviet Union/Russia (1949), France (1960) ,China(1964), India(1974) , Israel (1979-non-declared), and Pakistan (1998).

The Trinity Test-USA-1945

Neither did the world stop turning, in particularly, after the U.S. dropped two A-bombs on Japan ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki) in August 1945. Which by the way, were the first and only times, thus far, such horrific weaponry has been used in the history of humankind. In essence, though sad to state but practical, that the historical two-time event has been an excellent deterrence in itself to others owning nuclear weapons.


And so, human civilizations prevailed and continued to exist, and flourish despite the tragic devastaion and human suffering; even that of the peoples of Japan.

Now some in the news media and so called political experts would have U.S. voters believe the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) specifically timed their spectacular event during the month of October, just several weeks from mid-term elections, to influence the outcome at the ballot box. And because of the irresponsible move by North Korea, the voters will somehow use that brazen act to turn further away from the Republicans; who are now imploding, seemingly, both at the White House and on Capital Hill.
Admittedly, this is a feasible outcome. Especially if other unfavorable issues such as Iraq, Congressman Foley’s scandalous resignation, the unfavorable National Intelligence Estimate Report on Iraq, and matters of ethics that are currently plaguing the Republican party were to be placed to the side or taken out of the political equation by the voting public; which is unlikely.

But Republicans, more so than Democrats are still considered more favorable in the eyes of the voters when it comes to security matters. Thus, this one issue, supposedly, is the Republican’s strongest attribute, thus far, but is getting weaker day-by-day.
But Kim Jong-il’s nuclear test this week, coupled with possibility of more forthcoming, could work in the Republicans’ favor. At least the damage may not be as grave had the tests not occurred during the month of October, leading up to the elections. Perhaps, a landslide will be averted because of the fears voters have for their security, and wavering distrust of the Democrats. For sure Karl Rove and his operatives want let U.S. citizens forget for one moment just how perilous the world situation is, and only they (the Republicans) can be trusted and relied on to defend the Nation as is needed. Is the North Korean's nuclear test the October surprise? Or is this merely wishful thinking on part of Republican partisan pundits and expert political analysts?

Again I ask, so what if North Korea conducted a nuclear test? I am not dismissing the serious implcations or the severity of the situation in the least. But you see, Lil’Kim: Jong-II loves his Hollywood film collection, champagne wines, succulent lobsters and harem of lovely concubines too much to cause his own destruction, much less that of his entire nation, by dropping a nuke on another country and then having to experience fatal retaliation from the U.S. and its allies.

Yes, the “Dear Leader,” as he is referred to by his subjects, has been categorized as being strange, with a cartoon-like-appearance, and a lunatic as well. But he is also said to be one of the shrewdest leaders in the world, today.
As most third world and non-Nuclear Club countries’ heads of state aspire, Kim also wants North korea to be recognized as a member of that club to gain respect and to be in a stronger position to protect-if not ensure-its scurity and countinuation of his rule . After all, being a proud people and poor nation as it is, that is the only option North Korea has-in the minds of Kim’s regime-to become respected within the community of nations.

In conclusion, I state with genuine feelings of belief and strong emphasis: Go to bed Americans and peoples of the world, sleep soundly and undisturbed. Conduct your daily business as usual. Because when you awake tomorrow morning, you will clearly see that life still goes on despite one or more nuclear detonations taking place. The only difference is that the tests will be performed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).

So what is the uproar all about, you ask? My answer: Could it be, primarily, about perpetuating and fostering fear in the psyches and hearts of the populace to control and influence their minds and their votes, thus, ensuring those in power stay in power? You decide.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006


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Hi James:

Please pass on to the powers-to-be of the Swift Boats Sailors Association that the words in the below "DISCLAIMER" ring hollow in the hearts and minds of the general public and veterans alike, in that the words are bogus and disingenuous. Thus, the Association cannot safely hide behind the "DISCLAIMER" or honestly believe it should not be held culpable for the political activities that its vociferous mean-spirited, and unethical ROGUE members are involved in to discredit their "fellow" veterans. Attacking Senator John Kerry's military record during the last presidential election was despicably low, but their current effort to do the same to Congressman John Murtha is even lower; the lowest of the lowest, unquestionably.

The disclaimer is bogus and disingenuous simply because all the Association has to do is to file a court brief, seeking an order to have those Rogue members to STOP USING the Association's name when engaging in such dirty tricks campaigns and/or attempting to destroy one's reputation for sole purpose of gaining political advantage for the party they are doing the bidding for, whether it be democrats or republicans.

The court would simply order them to cease-and-desist mentioning the Association' s name period, or that they are affiliated in any way, unequivocally, while engaging in cited types of acts. So the million dollar question is : "Why hasn't this been done?"

As an honorably discharged Viet Nam and Cold War Eras' veteran, I am agonized, anguished and tormented by what I have seen emerging from the Swift Boats Sailors Association, as reflected in the reprehensible, shameful and unacceptable actions of some of its members: It is transparently obvious they will do anything to win, a whatever it takes mentality, to associate themselves with the ruling party; even if it means selling their souls and that of the Association's, respectively. Please, accept this message not merely as criticism but as a challenge to not only do the right thing, but to honor the moral, ethical and honor code that all current and former military members have sworn to adhere to and uphold; while setting a second-to-none example for future service men and women as well. JUST DO THE RIGHT THING!

Very Truly Yours,

Charles "Carlos" Middleton, Sr.
Major, USAF, Retired
Founder, Writer, Editor and Publisher of:

P.S. I am not affiliated with any political party. I am an independent, and proud to be. Last but not least, I truly believe in "freedom of speech" rights. But maintaining the integrity of the Organization, or in this case that of the Association's, is more important than an individual or individuals trying to capitalize on its reputation. GOD BLESS THE USA!


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Friday, October 06, 2006

CAVUTO, NEIL: KUDOS! KUDOS! KUDOS! For Standing Up To Bill O’Reilly’s Overbearing Personality

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Bill O'Reilly ------------ Neil Cavuto ------------ George Soros

Last evening, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show, The Factor, after interviewing George Soros, the billionaire and philanthropist on his own show, Your World, earlier in the day on the same TV network. Bill O’Reilly did everything possible to dictate and induce Cavuto into agreeing with his negative views of Soros, in that Soros is disingenuous, a fraud or is unpatriotic, basically speaking..

To my surprise and to his credit, Cavuto was calm, firm, impartial and non-combative in correcting O’Reilly’s flawed impressions of Soros that are obviously driven, as O’Reilly has admitted, by his strong dislike for Soros and what he stands for and does with his money; such as supporting certain left wing organizations-as labeled by O’Reilly. Cavuto made it clear that Soros, like many others- O’Reilly included, has strong views that he believes in. Meaning, simply, that those organizations Soros avidly supports espouse some of the same philosophical and political positions that he himself (Soros) advocates as well. Cavuto reiterated with objective clarity that Soros also does many good things with his money, which should not be overlooked or overshadowed because of support for organizations O’Reilly has an aversion towards.

It was clear to me, watching O’Reilly’s body language and facial expressions, that he wasn’t pleased with Cavuto’s responses, corrections and steadfastness. But that is the way O’Reilly usually reacts when he is unable to convince others to agree with his positions. To conduct himself any other way, would not be the real Bill O’Reilly; now would it, respectfully?

Lesson learned: Bill O’Reilly does not always live up to his “No Spin Zone” moto and philosophy that he constantly touts and spews out. His obvious hatred for Soros motivated him to compromise his “No Spin Zone” basic principles (be fair and objective, non-labeling, do not attack others on a personal basis that you may disagree with or dislike, etc.) I suppose those guidelines apply to everyone, except Bill O’Reilly? Cavuto did an excellent job in exposing that reality. For this reason Neil Cavuto deserves a three time “kudos” congratulatory pronouncement: KUDOS! KUDOS! KUDOS! AND HOORAY TOO! You decide!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

FOLEY, MARK, CONGRESSMAN (R-FL): Did His Family and Friends Fail Him? Should he be demonized and jailed, or pitied, treated and then jailed?

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I abhor pedophilia in any form. And if the allegations against Representative Foley are credible in regards to his pursuing House pages to establish sexual relationships, he should be dealt with accordingly under the law. Do I feel sorry for Congressman Foley? Yes I do, in the sense that it is quite obvious the man is deeply disturbed, with serious mental sicknesses. Watching all the frenzy and meanspirited comments coming out of Washington and the news media, I refuse to join those that find it convenient to make themselves look good or enhance their status on the unfortunate misery of others.

But I cannot refrain from pondering over the question of “ what drives a grown person, man or woman, in finding children sexually attractive?” Or at least to act on those impulses. No, I am not a medical doctor, nor a psychologist or psychiatrist. And I am certainly “not” a pedophile. But I do have common-sense along with practicality and realism; so I have been told by supposedly sane and upright people. It is transparently clear the Foley(s) of the world need intervening psychological help, be it at an early age or later on in their adult life, they need assistance in saving themselves and innocent children from their distorted innate and warped propensities. Quite naturally, most people experiencing pedophiliac tendencies are not going to automatically open up and ask for assistance.

Unquestioningly, family members, friends and anyone aware of such unacceptable behavior and perverted acts are just as responsible as the perpetrator if they fail to do their civic duty by exposing the culprit; and the sooner the better. As such, more likely than not, without a doubt, Congressman Foley was let down by those very people who purport to love and care about him. They chose to turn a blind eye. It is those types of indifferent attitudes (it’s none of my business, I don’t want to get involved, we will be ruined if we expose him) that are basically the crux of the problem. They simply aid and abet the offending individuals as well as the industries that profit one way or another off of child pornography and sexual abuse of children. Thus, these non-action citizens do a disservice not only to the perpetrator, but to their respective community and society as a whole.

Again, if a pedophile harms a child, whether it be mentally, physically or taking a life, he or she should be adequately punished under governing laws. But that alone is not sufficient due to documented cases of repeat offenders or recidivism. There must also be vigorous and consistent follow-on care and close monitoring; 24/7/12. The punishment should not be based on hate and revenge that surfaces during strenuous times which tests our civility and morality and spirituality, but with a humanness that is demanded of a civil and democratic society.

Last, if the revelations that are now coming forward are true, in that the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn) or anyone else on the Hill, covered up Congressman Foley’s indiscretions, they too should be prosecuted to the fullest extent laws will allow. Corrective measures must go further than the shameful, bogus and partial ethics committees that primarily serve to protect incumbents and their political party, respectively. Let’s hope the FBI expands its investigation to include those that covered up the cover up, and are continuing to do so as I write this post. You decide!
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE-Yahoo News: As reported by DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer-2 minutes ago WASHINGTON - A senior congressional aide said Wednesday that he alerted House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office two years ago about worrisome conduct by former Rep. Mark Foley with teenage pages. Kirk Fordham told The Associated Press that when he was told about Foley's inappropriate behavior toward pages, he had "more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene." The conversations took place long before the e-mail scandal broke, Fordham said, and at least a year earlier than members of the House GOP leadership have acknowledged. _____________________________________________________________________________