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Thursday, November 08, 2012


After the clear ass whipping in yesterday's election results, I hope republicans and their avid and misguided supporters will get the message that the majority of U.S. citizens want cooperation and positive results  versus obstructionist actions. They have rejected right wing extremism and crazy policies that get into peoples' bedrooms, private lives as to who to marry and what a woman should do with her body, coupled with opposition to having the rich to pay their fair share of taxes . Plus, they stated that there is a place for a federal government in our lives.-as attested to by Gov Christie of NJ. during hurricane Sandy when dealing with FEMA. 
Thus, republicans must become adaptable to the new reality that most U.S. citizens are moderate and progressive; including a vast majority of progressive and moderate Latinos that cast their vote.  Hence, the progressive agenda was vindicated last night with a transparent and indisputable victory.

I hope Rush Limbaugh,Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingram and all the other right wing talk show hosts and nuts will  finally understand the resounding majority message, and get on board to support the President and his policies, instead of spewing out hate language and innuendo on a daily basis; poisoning the minds of the weak, the vulnerable and those that want to think only negative thoughts about their fellow Americans on the other side of the political spectrum.  After all, we are all on this SHIP  together: One Nation under God!  All for one, one for all! 

No doubt, Romney got the message, as indicated in his concession speech: It's over, he stated!  Super! A sincere speech, with a heartfelt and believable delivery. I hope his followers will listen and heed as well.