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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Photo: Army Veteran Jerry Jensen
Image by Michael Ciaglo

A Colorado Springs Gazette Article!  
 Story written b Dave Philipps

Any country that sends its soldiers off to far away lands to fight needless and unnecessary wars and expects them to return home normal or undamaged is living in a world of fantasy. Perhaps in the movies such scenarios occur in which soldiers come back to motherland victorious and exhibiting no signs of psychological damage, especially.  However, movies are nothing more than a temporary escape into a world of fantasy!

In real life people have human feelings and when exposed to abnormal conditions such as seeing fellow soldiers, friends and enemies heads blown off, they themselves losing limbs and experiencing blasts that affect their brains and other body parts, they are going to be affected both physically and psychologically-long term That is reality!

The linked Colorado Springs Gazette's story of the Army's mistreatment of returning veterans is a "tell tail sign" of what is yet to come as more and more troops return from Afghanistan and Iraq-overall. The probing question should be asked: Not only is the military ready to deal humanely with the returnees, but is the society as a whole also? Our men and women veterans deserve better, so let's all do our part to see that is what actually happens. 

Have you reached out to a veteran lately? Or called/written to your congressmen to protest lack of adequate treatment for veterans and their maltreatment and unfair expulsion from the military without benefits?  Please do your part,today!