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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Can You Believe? Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng! A true activist-patriot or a slick opportunist?

Can You Believe?  
The Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has really played the USA government and now New York University big time! His being given an apparent scholarship and/or fellowship,  probably totally free of charge, is a slap in the face to all US American young brilliant and talented girls and boys/women and men that cannot afford to pay for college or are deep in debt already due to a non-free high cost education. More likely than not permanent  asylum and eventual citizenship for that conman,which means his being put ahead of all the people in the immigration system waiting to get their long awaited visa to the USA.     

This guy even had the unmitigated gall to basically demand to fly out of China on US Secretary of State Clinton's airplane. I knew right then, he was a slick opportunist and not a true patriot, in the sense of the meaning. A true  patriot would stay in his own country, and fight to change the system from within.    

As usual, the USA is being played for the fool and Cash Cow that it has been for decades; instead of taking care of its own first and foremost-down to the very last USA citizen that needs assistance in universal health and education.   

My premise and outrage are common-sensed based, in that there are activists and dissidents all around the world. So why don't we/USA just open up the flood gates and let them all in,with free everything. A Jaded foreign policy that is an insult and moral embarrassment to every US citizen!! All those public pronouncements and meeting behind the scenes were nothing more than fanfare on part of US politicians, diplomats and bureaucrats  an effort to show up the Chinese Government; which by the way has a long list of activists and dissidents that oppose the system and the Communist-Socialist Party. Let's send them all an invitation as well. What are we waiting for?