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Friday, October 06, 2006

CAVUTO, NEIL: KUDOS! KUDOS! KUDOS! For Standing Up To Bill O’Reilly’s Overbearing Personality

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Last evening, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show, The Factor, after interviewing George Soros, the billionaire and philanthropist on his own show, Your World, earlier in the day on the same TV network. Bill O’Reilly did everything possible to dictate and induce Cavuto into agreeing with his negative views of Soros, in that Soros is disingenuous, a fraud or is unpatriotic, basically speaking..

To my surprise and to his credit, Cavuto was calm, firm, impartial and non-combative in correcting O’Reilly’s flawed impressions of Soros that are obviously driven, as O’Reilly has admitted, by his strong dislike for Soros and what he stands for and does with his money; such as supporting certain left wing organizations-as labeled by O’Reilly. Cavuto made it clear that Soros, like many others- O’Reilly included, has strong views that he believes in. Meaning, simply, that those organizations Soros avidly supports espouse some of the same philosophical and political positions that he himself (Soros) advocates as well. Cavuto reiterated with objective clarity that Soros also does many good things with his money, which should not be overlooked or overshadowed because of support for organizations O’Reilly has an aversion towards.

It was clear to me, watching O’Reilly’s body language and facial expressions, that he wasn’t pleased with Cavuto’s responses, corrections and steadfastness. But that is the way O’Reilly usually reacts when he is unable to convince others to agree with his positions. To conduct himself any other way, would not be the real Bill O’Reilly; now would it, respectfully?

Lesson learned: Bill O’Reilly does not always live up to his “No Spin Zone” moto and philosophy that he constantly touts and spews out. His obvious hatred for Soros motivated him to compromise his “No Spin Zone” basic principles (be fair and objective, non-labeling, do not attack others on a personal basis that you may disagree with or dislike, etc.) I suppose those guidelines apply to everyone, except Bill O’Reilly? Cavuto did an excellent job in exposing that reality. For this reason Neil Cavuto deserves a three time “kudos” congratulatory pronouncement: KUDOS! KUDOS! KUDOS! AND HOORAY TOO! You decide!


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