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Thursday, July 12, 2007

BUSH & BLAIR: MAY YOUR SOULS BE INTERRED IN PERDITION-a state of eternal damnation into which sinful people who have not repented pass after death

NOTE:This PROTEST POEM-ESSAY was composed August 2006.

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-Todd McFarland of Image Comics)

Mr Bush and Mr Blair:

How can you two parade yourselves before the public on national and international television, with happy-smiling faces and an appearance of self-righteous air about you, when you both have sent men and women into harms way, unnecessarily?

Yes, to fight and die in a war in Iraq for which you both know was based on deception and fabricated lies? How can you meet with the mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and children of those fallen heroes who have died based on your ill-conceived notions to democratize the Middle East? And tell them their sons and daughters, husbands and wives and mothers and fathers died for a worthy cause?And how can you face them and purport to feel their pain? Don't you feel at least some shame?

How can you both proclaim to be men of faith, that you believe in God? When innocent Iraqi men, women and children have been maimed and even died as a result of your deadly high tech smart bombs? How can you arrogantly and carelessly categorize their deaths as collateral damage? Don’t you realize, death is death, and dying is dying? For no matter under what circumstances or noble causes that are promoted and couched in the name of liberation, the same tragic endless result occurs: suffering and lifelessness-without taking into account the innocent or the value of whatever professed good intentions are proffered ?

Only you and your respective God know the heavy burden you may carry, or what your conscience truly feels and bears. One thing is certain, the day of judgment will come for both of you. Each of you will have to go before your God, separate and alone-on your very own. Neither of you will be there at the other’s side, respectively, to lend support as you do during your joined-at-the-hip sickening “we know best” news conferences. Unquestionably, your personal God will be your judge and jury. But Satan will ultimately be your executioner.

I can think of no two men on this mortal earth, more deserving than you two, who should receive a one way ticket to Satan’s Hell: “Hurled headlong into a bottomless perdition, there to dwell;” (John Milton). Once again, you two will be in each other’s company, together in a place where sinners suffer eternal punishment of pain and turmoil. And maybe, just maybe, you both will think of those that died -needlessly- in vain under your reign of terror and destruction. Begging and pleading on your knees for forgiveness and redemption before Satan’s presence will be useless. Or demonstrating an epiphany of regret will be-absolutely-too late. For there is no such thing as forgiveness or redemption in Satan”s abode, where you will infinitely reside.

As a consequence of your immoral sins, the final punishment for your mortal souls will be to burn in the bottomless pits of Satan’s eternal burning hell. They will forever be interred in perdition, in a state of eternal damnation into which sinful people who have not repented, pass after death. May God "not" have mercy on your souls!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

BUSH: IS THE PRESIDENT STILL OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY? His Sponsoring Of Blair As Envoy and Commuting Libby's Prison Sentence Seem To Indicate So!

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For quite sometime now, everyone knows that President Bush is out of touch with reality due to his stubborn and entrenched position on continuing to be optimistic and illusive about the actual "civil war" condition taking place in Iraq. Only a short while ago did he and his administration own up the clear fact that this was indeed the situation, when the general public knew long ago. Meaning
simply, that he doesn't know how to measure the pulse of the society in general or to comprehend reality in particular.

The President's recent commutation of Scooter Libby’s, former chief of staff to the vice-president, sentence is just one more example of his being out of touch with the majority of American citizens. Sure he has his supporters, who thought that Libby’s thirty month sentence was too harsh and unfair, but the average “Joe and Sally US American” feel that Libby got just what he deserved. Lying to the FBI or a grand jury and special prosecutor is not a matter to be taken lightly. Seemingly, the President fails to understand that the people are sick and tired of "politics" as usual, or double standards for those that serve in Washington.

To add insult to injury, the President tried a second failed attempt to get an immigration bill passed before the Congress despite strong opposition coming from even members of his own “he can do no wrong” voting block and Republican politicians alike. But still he and Senate leaders tried to ram the masked "amnesty" bill down the throats of voters, until there was outrage and a rebellious anger coming from the general public.

And further, to throw salt on the wound, as the saying goes, he was able to get his partner-in-arms and war, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, a US sponsored appointment by the “Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia) as the special envoy to the Middle East. This sponsorship and appointment is considered as being the height of arrogance, in light of the fact Mr Blair was one of the primary and most vociferous proponents for launching the March 20, 2003 invasion of Iraq. And just before leaving office this past June 27th, Mr Blair remained steadfast in his position that he "has no regrets about launching the Iraq War." That is a hell of a proclamation to be carrying forward on one's forehead as an envoy to such a war torn region as the Middle East.

Clearly the President, Mr Bush, is out of touch with not only those that voted against him in both elections, but with his own base as well as most members of his party. If he is bent on sealing his legacy in a favorable manner to try and erase the ill-fated Iraq fiasco that now plagues his administration, which is also probably haunting the deepest crevices of his mortal soul,he had better get in lockstep with the American electorate and stop making such irresponsible decisions and taking reckless actions that even a lame-duck president should be on guard against committing.

Based on the President’s recent and past history in relationship to the above cited examples, which clearly speak for themselves, I have come to a much clearer conclusion that the President is way over his head being in the Oval Office. Of course, I surmised that obvious factor even during the 2000 campaign when he was running for the White House. Which, unequivocally, indicates that just because one is the governor of a state or the son of a former president, that one is not necessarily properly equipped to be president of the USA; the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. But that’s another topic for discussion at another time. Unquestionably, the President is “way out of touch” with the citizenry of his own nation, and realty as a whole. You decide!