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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

FOLEY, MARK, CONGRESSMAN (R-FL): Did His Family and Friends Fail Him? Should he be demonized and jailed, or pitied, treated and then jailed?

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I abhor pedophilia in any form. And if the allegations against Representative Foley are credible in regards to his pursuing House pages to establish sexual relationships, he should be dealt with accordingly under the law. Do I feel sorry for Congressman Foley? Yes I do, in the sense that it is quite obvious the man is deeply disturbed, with serious mental sicknesses. Watching all the frenzy and meanspirited comments coming out of Washington and the news media, I refuse to join those that find it convenient to make themselves look good or enhance their status on the unfortunate misery of others.

But I cannot refrain from pondering over the question of “ what drives a grown person, man or woman, in finding children sexually attractive?” Or at least to act on those impulses. No, I am not a medical doctor, nor a psychologist or psychiatrist. And I am certainly “not” a pedophile. But I do have common-sense along with practicality and realism; so I have been told by supposedly sane and upright people. It is transparently clear the Foley(s) of the world need intervening psychological help, be it at an early age or later on in their adult life, they need assistance in saving themselves and innocent children from their distorted innate and warped propensities. Quite naturally, most people experiencing pedophiliac tendencies are not going to automatically open up and ask for assistance.

Unquestioningly, family members, friends and anyone aware of such unacceptable behavior and perverted acts are just as responsible as the perpetrator if they fail to do their civic duty by exposing the culprit; and the sooner the better. As such, more likely than not, without a doubt, Congressman Foley was let down by those very people who purport to love and care about him. They chose to turn a blind eye. It is those types of indifferent attitudes (it’s none of my business, I don’t want to get involved, we will be ruined if we expose him) that are basically the crux of the problem. They simply aid and abet the offending individuals as well as the industries that profit one way or another off of child pornography and sexual abuse of children. Thus, these non-action citizens do a disservice not only to the perpetrator, but to their respective community and society as a whole.

Again, if a pedophile harms a child, whether it be mentally, physically or taking a life, he or she should be adequately punished under governing laws. But that alone is not sufficient due to documented cases of repeat offenders or recidivism. There must also be vigorous and consistent follow-on care and close monitoring; 24/7/12. The punishment should not be based on hate and revenge that surfaces during strenuous times which tests our civility and morality and spirituality, but with a humanness that is demanded of a civil and democratic society.

Last, if the revelations that are now coming forward are true, in that the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn) or anyone else on the Hill, covered up Congressman Foley’s indiscretions, they too should be prosecuted to the fullest extent laws will allow. Corrective measures must go further than the shameful, bogus and partial ethics committees that primarily serve to protect incumbents and their political party, respectively. Let’s hope the FBI expands its investigation to include those that covered up the cover up, and are continuing to do so as I write this post. You decide!
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE-Yahoo News: As reported by DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer-2 minutes ago WASHINGTON - A senior congressional aide said Wednesday that he alerted House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office two years ago about worrisome conduct by former Rep. Mark Foley with teenage pages. Kirk Fordham told The Associated Press that when he was told about Foley's inappropriate behavior toward pages, he had "more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest level of the House of Representatives asking them to intervene." The conversations took place long before the e-mail scandal broke, Fordham said, and at least a year earlier than members of the House GOP leadership have acknowledged. _____________________________________________________________________________


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