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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NORTH KOREA CONDUCTS A NUCLEAR TEST: IS THIS THE OCTOBER SURPRISE? Will this historic event work to the advantage of the Republicans, or against?

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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) conducted a nuclear test. Sowhat? In my opinion.

After listening to the news media and watching the chorus of disapproval coming from various players on the international stage express their outrage in the public forum, one would think Armageddon or an apocalyptic catastrophe has taken place. I couldn’t help but think to myself: The fear mongers are on the move again, My God! It’s the end of the world, finally! Not hardly. And what is so ironic is those that are most vociferous are the very countries that already possess nuclear weapons in their arsenals, or at least have the capability to produce nuclear fusion.

Disaster did not occur and eradicate humankind from the face of the earth when the eight nations now belonging to the exclusive Nuclear Club detonated their devices the first time: U.S. (1945), Britain (1952), the defunct Soviet Union/Russia (1949), France (1960) ,China(1964), India(1974) , Israel (1979-non-declared), and Pakistan (1998).

The Trinity Test-USA-1945

Neither did the world stop turning, in particularly, after the U.S. dropped two A-bombs on Japan ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki) in August 1945. Which by the way, were the first and only times, thus far, such horrific weaponry has been used in the history of humankind. In essence, though sad to state but practical, that the historical two-time event has been an excellent deterrence in itself to others owning nuclear weapons.


And so, human civilizations prevailed and continued to exist, and flourish despite the tragic devastaion and human suffering; even that of the peoples of Japan.

Now some in the news media and so called political experts would have U.S. voters believe the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) specifically timed their spectacular event during the month of October, just several weeks from mid-term elections, to influence the outcome at the ballot box. And because of the irresponsible move by North Korea, the voters will somehow use that brazen act to turn further away from the Republicans; who are now imploding, seemingly, both at the White House and on Capital Hill.
Admittedly, this is a feasible outcome. Especially if other unfavorable issues such as Iraq, Congressman Foley’s scandalous resignation, the unfavorable National Intelligence Estimate Report on Iraq, and matters of ethics that are currently plaguing the Republican party were to be placed to the side or taken out of the political equation by the voting public; which is unlikely.

But Republicans, more so than Democrats are still considered more favorable in the eyes of the voters when it comes to security matters. Thus, this one issue, supposedly, is the Republican’s strongest attribute, thus far, but is getting weaker day-by-day.
But Kim Jong-il’s nuclear test this week, coupled with possibility of more forthcoming, could work in the Republicans’ favor. At least the damage may not be as grave had the tests not occurred during the month of October, leading up to the elections. Perhaps, a landslide will be averted because of the fears voters have for their security, and wavering distrust of the Democrats. For sure Karl Rove and his operatives want let U.S. citizens forget for one moment just how perilous the world situation is, and only they (the Republicans) can be trusted and relied on to defend the Nation as is needed. Is the North Korean's nuclear test the October surprise? Or is this merely wishful thinking on part of Republican partisan pundits and expert political analysts?

Again I ask, so what if North Korea conducted a nuclear test? I am not dismissing the serious implcations or the severity of the situation in the least. But you see, Lil’Kim: Jong-II loves his Hollywood film collection, champagne wines, succulent lobsters and harem of lovely concubines too much to cause his own destruction, much less that of his entire nation, by dropping a nuke on another country and then having to experience fatal retaliation from the U.S. and its allies.

Yes, the “Dear Leader,” as he is referred to by his subjects, has been categorized as being strange, with a cartoon-like-appearance, and a lunatic as well. But he is also said to be one of the shrewdest leaders in the world, today.
As most third world and non-Nuclear Club countries’ heads of state aspire, Kim also wants North korea to be recognized as a member of that club to gain respect and to be in a stronger position to protect-if not ensure-its scurity and countinuation of his rule . After all, being a proud people and poor nation as it is, that is the only option North Korea has-in the minds of Kim’s regime-to become respected within the community of nations.

In conclusion, I state with genuine feelings of belief and strong emphasis: Go to bed Americans and peoples of the world, sleep soundly and undisturbed. Conduct your daily business as usual. Because when you awake tomorrow morning, you will clearly see that life still goes on despite one or more nuclear detonations taking place. The only difference is that the tests will be performed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).

So what is the uproar all about, you ask? My answer: Could it be, primarily, about perpetuating and fostering fear in the psyches and hearts of the populace to control and influence their minds and their votes, thus, ensuring those in power stay in power? You decide.

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