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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EVANGELICANS "MOCKED" BY BUSH WHITE HOUSE(?): Should This Be A Surprise? Evangelicals should know that is the MO of politicians and bureaucrats

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I recently read in The Guardian, a British newspaper, that David kuo, a former White House aide, in his newly released book, Tempting Faith: an Inside Story of Political Seduction, portrays the Bush White House’s commitment to evangelical causes as little more than a cynical facade designed to win votes. Mr Kuo writes that “National Christian leaders received hugs and smiles in person and then were dismissed behind their backs and described as ridiculous, out of control, and just plain goofy;” just to quote a couple examples of several listed in the article.

Quite naturally, the White House through its spokesman, Tony Snow, denied and rejected Mr Kuo’s claims; which is the common modus operandi of practically all politicians, government bureaucrats and heads of state. Deny all charges, whether true or false, and it is highly possible that others will began to believe the disclaimers. And so will those accused as well as their manipulating blind following pundits if they echo the same mantra over-and-over, incessantly.

My primary thought is that evangelical Christians should have known that using others is what politicians and those in power, mostly do. And evangelicals are not to be excluded from their list. If they think or thought they were, then they are more naive that I would have imagined. It’s all a game to those politicos, in that they look at their supporters, voters, and yes even well-meaning religious organizations, simply, as prostitutes. Some will even prostitute their own mothers to garner votes to get elected or stay in office. It’s simply the nature of the political beast. And it AIN’T going to change nor stop.

Voters' suspicion, persistence, vigilance and oversight is the answer to keeping things somewhat manageable by holding the corrupt and disingenuous ones feet to the fire. After all, it is the public that pays the politicians’ salaries for doing the peoples’ business, which is primarily part-time work. The majority of a politician’s time is spent on doing fun raisers, attending cocktail parties, and traveling for pleasure-couched under the guise of doing official work-while trying to feel and look important. Plainly stated, they work for you and me. We are their bosses. And we should not let them forget that fact for one moment.

Apparently, the evangelicals were so involved in pushing their selfish agendas that they became blind followers, naive believers in the Administration, thus perfect candidates to be prostituted and mocked. Evangelical Christians! You served the White House’s purpose: To win elections, two terms. Bush isn’t running for office anymore as president. They probably thought they wouldn’t need you anymore-in the immediate future, since Bush has been elected two times with your votes. But they-perhaps-forgot about long term: The mid-term elections coming up in November; about three weeks from now.

My advice is, as the bible says: Do unto others as they do unto you(?). Stay at home and send the Republicans your best wishes-hoping they lose miserably across the board, both houses of Congress. An eye-for an-eye! But please keep in mind, you have only yourselves to blame. This “holier than thou,” “we know better than you” attitude was a factor that created an atmosphere for a train wreck that was waiting to happen as far as a long lasting relationship between evangelicals and Republicans. Even the politically savvy Karl Rove, doesn’t want religious dictum and ethos shelved down his throat. I know I don’t, or wouldn’t. Maybe it's true, Karl Rove and his White House cohorts considered your mind sets and approaches as fanaticism? You decide!
Read rest of story about David Kuo's claims-CLICK LINK.


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