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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

THE LONG WAR! The Truth Finally Surfaces

At last and long overdue, the Bush Administration and US military generals are finally telling the American people the raw truth about the Iraq War and its projected-prolonged inevitable longevity. They are now calling it "The Long War," which will be "a conflict on a grand scale for decades," they say. Meaning, simply, that the challenge will be to confront terrorism and Islamic radical-extremism (*whatever that means) on both an organizational and ideological scale. This "truth" should have been revealed leading up to beginning of the war. But instead, the American public was led to believe, while using carefully crafted scare tactic methods, couched in rhetorical fear language, that the "unnecessary" invasion would be a short-term military excursion that would be over in a matter of months; if not a couple of years. As the unyielding and determined insurgency grows, the Administration has come face-to-face with reality, that this is a brand new day; which this super power or the West seems to have either been totally ignorant about or simply ignored.

It is apparent just as the political winds in South America are simultaneously unfolding and alliance landscapes are changing, middle eastern countries are not going to allow the West to push them around anymore. No longer will they be prostitutes for the West. No one wants to be dictated to or controlled by anyone; no matter what the circumstance may be. It is pure innate human nature to resist. Sure there are some countries in the middle eastern area that are assisting the coalition in the Iraq War, but you can believe they are not in the fight wholeheartedly. Most are simply straddling the fence, as the saying goes, and pacifying the West just enough to ensure the same fate that Iraq faced will not become theirs as well. President Bush's proclamation "Either you are with us, or against us if you don't support our cause," coupled with the subsequent invasion of Iraq, sent a clear, strong and everlasting message to middle eastern leaders: "If you want your regime to survive, you had better cooperate, or you just might be next." And so the War goes on, with men, women and children being maimed and killed; with survivors' lives, undoubtedly, shattered for decades, if not forever. These negative effects of war apply even in the US as well when one considers the toll the War is taking on the servicemen and women, and their families.

Thus, the Administration says it will confront the Long War in a dual nature by applying a strategy of attempting to discredit the deviant ideology or frame of mind that permeates the Islamic-extremists' belief system (s). And second, by initiating traditional military methodologies with an increase in special operation forces for purpose of focusing on "high value targets," wherever they may be perceived throughout the world. Consequently, the Administration pronounces the West is in a war for a generation or more (?).

My questions are: (1) Why does the prolonged war has to be in the first place? (2) Who is really profiting from this selected, long and unnecessary war? Surely not the peoples (the masses) of the US or Iraq-for certain . And 3, isn't there another and more sensible and humane way to address this standoff? Or is it that "man" just naturally has to have an enemy, whether real or perceived or fabricated? As the late US President Dwight D. Eisenhower (January 1953 to January 1961) warned upon his eight year departure from the presidency: "Beware of the Military Complex." It is obvious we as a responsible nation, caring and cautious people have not adhered to that warning.

* Let's not forget that one man's terrorist, can be another man's hero or freedom fighter. Remember the late Mr Begin of Israel? At one time in history he was branded by the British as a terrorist. Mr Menachem Begin later became one of the greatest leaders Israel has produced. A true patriot and hero in his own right, and more important in the eyes of the Israeli people and others worldwide. FINAL NOTE: My, my, time sure brings about a change in the hearts and souls of humankind. And yes, perhaps, even in their ideological minds as well.