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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DA' CAP! Images can invoke intense reactionary responses, and sometimes even more.....

There I was on Monday, April 24th, 2006 at Tesco Grocery Store, town of Richmond upon the River Thames, UK. I was wearing my black and gold and white cap with the Air Force insignia, a sparkling gold plated red and white and blue U.S. flag pinned along side the Air Force insignia. Written in big gold letters is the inscription: U.S. AIR FORCE. And in color silver: RETIRED. I wear that cap religiously. I am Proud to be a U.S. American citizen and having served in the U.S. Air Force. Hallelujah! But apparently everyone doesn’t see my display of patriotism and dedication to service and country the same, especially here in England.

I was standing in line waiting to check out, when a gentleman (?) in front of me looked back, perusing my human image closely, up and down. And with a second observation, he starred at DA' CAP and said: I hope you don’t belong to the U.S. Air Force. I responded, smiling, anticipating what he was going to say based on the manner in which he phrased the question, coupled with accompanying confrontational intonations in his voice: And why not, may I ask? He anxiously retorted, with emphasis: Well with the U.S. Air Force’s record? Oh! I sighed. And what about the Royal Air Force ? Starring me down, he replied: I would never serve in any country’s military. No sir! Do you think Bush (President Bush of the USA) or Blair (Prime Minister Blair of England) would send any of their kids to serve? No sir! Their kids are all sitting safely at home while their fathers send men and women off to be killed. No sir! I would never serve. I smiled, and said: you have a point. He departed without smiling, acknowledging my validation, saying good-bye, go to hell or looking back. Undoubtedly, I suddenly became a repulsive and invisible figure in his eyes and mind.

And behold, ironically, the very same British newspaper I was holding under my arm to purchase, The Times, displayed a picture of Prince Harry, who was recently commissioned as a second lieutenant from Sandhurst Military Academy. The article's caption read: "Prince Harry Faces Ban from the Iraqi Front Line.” See page 5. Prince Harry is assigned to the Blues and Royals of the Household Calvary. According to The Times, The Prince has declared he intends to serve with his men wherever they are sent and have threatened to resign if he were not allowed on the front line. Good for him. My kind of soldier! But a defense source told The Times the unit was set to go to Iraq next year,and “We can’t have a situation where Prince Harry draws enemy fire.” And so, the saga continues on and on.

All I can say is “touche!”to the man that voiced and directed his protestation towards DA' CAP or me. Simply stated, he was right on target, as clearly established by The Times, corroborating and timely story. Need I say more? But in case you are wondering, if I am continuing to wear DA' CAP? The answer is an unequivocal: yes, I am still wearing DA' CAP, proudly. I do so in spite of today's climate of turmoil and war and disdain for my country's political and military positions and campaigns, respectively. But to stop wearing DA' CAP, would be denying part of my history. Would you not agree? Or am I just a patriotic fool? You decide.

Monday, May 29, 2006

LEROY W. HOMER, JR.: First Officer, United Airlines, Flight 93, 9/11 (military officer and veteran)

SOMETHINGTOSAYWORLD-pays special tribute to a "FALLEN HERO" on this Memorial Day,2006. First Officer Homer was a major in the Air Force Reserves, and a Veteran of the Gulf War of 1991. Please visit his tribute sites at: and

Friday, May 12, 2006

BLUETOOTH! The ultimate

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