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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FRAUD/SCAM ALERT! Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd,

To ALL STSW READERS :Please be advised that Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd, has been carefully investigated by a reputable investigation agency in the UK and has been found to be non-existence as a legitimate business entity. The Site,, is hosted by which is a Chinese Government Web site for which the primary objective is to supposedly bring sellers buyers and prospective customers together to effectuate business transactions. Please beware, especially potential customers, that Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd is nothing but a fraud and scam. Click the above address that is a direct link to the fraudulent Site for immediate viewing of prices that are too good to be true. Be a smart,careful and alert shopper. I comment, you decide!
CALL THE SCUMBAG(S) TO GIVE A PIECE OF YOUR MIND-A Mr Darrell Tan(?): Phone : ‎+44 7035921020; Fax : ‎+44 8704718961

Dear Carlos,
We have made enquiries with regards to Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd, Diamond Court, Douglas Close, Preston Farm Business Park
Stockton On Tees, Cleveland TS18 3SB, United Kingdom.
Diamond Court is a small section of the larger Preston Farm Business Park. In Diamond Court itself there are only 5 business units and I have made enquiries with all of them.
I could not find any business by that name at this location. None of the business owners I have spoken to have heard of this business and none have ever heard of Darrel Tan.
There is no trace of the business as a Limited Company with our UK Companies House.
The phone number 44 7035921020 is actually a UK cell phone number.
My thoughts are that things are probably not what they seem with this "company" and, based on the intelligence we have gathered, I would be reluctant to do business with them .
I hope this helps.
Kind Regards

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DID THE US NAVY BLOW A RESCUE OPPORTUNITY, While Watching Overhead With An Ummanned Drone?++ UPDATE: Captain Freed by Navy Seals! Bravisimo!

Photos: Google Images

I can't help but wonder if the US Navy lost or-maybe-even squandered an opportunity to rescue Maersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips that made a heroic attempt to escape from his captors during the first time-as initially reported. The Captain jumped into the water with one of his captives diving in after him, and eventually overpowering the Captain and wrestling him back on to the lifeboat. The Navy was observing the Captain and his captives during that precious and crucial time period of some several minutes both from above with an unmanned drone, and-I venture to speculate-by personnel from on deck of the destroyer as well.

Being that the US Navy's USS Bainbridge was sitting several yards from the lifeboat, it would seem that the destroyer's captain would have taken advantage of those several minutes when Captain Phillips was no longer on board the lifeboat. The USS Bainbridge is the high-tech destroyer that arrived on the scene Thursday with a precision team of Navy Seals on board that are trained in hostage rescue techniques. Seemingly, the Navy could have launched a missile or a cannon to either destroy the lifeboat or at least fill it with holes; thus assuring of a slowly and steady sinking with the other pirates on board the lifeboat. I acknowledge the fact that the amount of distance between the lifeboat and the Captain has not been provided in the news reports that I have seen. However, this lack of action on the part of the destroyer's captain still begs the prudent and probing question: Did the US Navy have enough time to destroy or disarm the lifeboat? And did the Navy make a fatal mistake of not taking the lifeboat out during those several minutes that Captain Phillips was afloat in the water?
You decide!
BREAKING NEWS-UPDATE: While this commentary was being finalized for publication, breaking news is that the captain was rescued by the Navy Seals, shooting tree of the pirates after the captain jumped overboard "again." Superb work on part of the Seals. Their successful rescue effort and the manner in which it was accomplished, supports the above commentary observations, which asks the critical-probing question: Why wasn't this done the first time the captain jumped overboard? Was someone sleeping, when they should have been awake and alert? Again, I comment, you decide!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

ANDERSON COOPER-AC-360! Is CNN Promoting AC Much More Than Other Anchors?

I keep wondering: Why does CNN appear to promote Anderson Cooper (AC), anchor of AC- 360, much more than it does the other news anchors, such as Wolf Blitzer,Lou Dobbs, Campbell Brown,Don Lemon,Rick Sanchez-Mr Passionate,Erica Hil,T.J. Holmes and Arron Brown-just to name a few?

I respect the notable fact that AC has covered wars and disasters. So what? So have other anchors at CNN. Plus, I still have not seen anything spectacular or unusually appealing about AC's presence before the cameras that makes me want to view his AC 360 show anymore than I want to view Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room or any of the other notable shows. As a matter of fact, I find AC to be quite boring and simply void of passion,seemingly.

And when AC showed up on CBS' 6o Minutes one Sunday as host for one of the Magazine's segments,I flipped! I started to change channels and even thought of turning off the TV altogether. I pondered to myself: Now, this is just too much---seeing AC on CBS too! Why in the hell does CBS/60 Minutes need AC, anyway? What did his presence add? Answer, in my opinion: Nothing!

Plainly stated, there is overkill at every turn. CNN needs to turn it down a bit, and give us-the viewers-a break from its excessive-repetitive promotion of AC and allow the other anchors to share more of the glory of marketing and promoting. I suppose CNN is repaying AC for putting his life in harm's way.

So I get back to the primary question: Why does CNN appear to promote AC much-much-more than other anchors? I bet the other anchors are asking the same question as well; only silently. Please,can someone out there help me-with responding comments-to shine clearer light on this cognitive dilemma. Tell me what is it that I am not clearly seeing. You decide!