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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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Finally, a senior military officer stands up and shows the moral fortitude that has been lacking for too long from the architects and wagers of war among the Western coalition forces. Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt has caused an uproar in Britain and the prime Minister, Tony Blair, and his cabinet are scrambling at 10 Downing Street to minimize the political damage domestically, while attempting not to cause undue embarrassment for the Bush administration in Washington, D.C.

General Sir Richard Dannatt has merely said what many in the military and public sectors as well as high level government officials in both the US and Britain administrations, respectively, have known for a considerable amount time. And what senior Administration officials in the U.S. have expressed in private, while stating just the opposite in public.

Sir General Richard Dannatt, who is Britain's top army commander, said “the presence of British troops in Iraq was exacerbating security problems on the ground and they should be withdrawn soon.” In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, General Dannatt criticized post-war planning for the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and said “the British presence in Iraq also hurt British security interests abroad,” which British Prime Minister Tony Blair has repeatedly denied. Which is the same unified and echoed mantra that comes from Washington as well.

The General continued by stating that “coalition troop (British and US) presence is inflaming the insurgency and the dire situation isn’t going to get any better as long as the forces remain.” He was asked ”Why not? “Because the Iraqis don’t take lightly to occupation by a foreign power or powers. Even the simplest of minds can understand that reasoning and explanation.” At last the raw truth has surfaced despite blatant efforts to suppress actual facts with rhetoric and spin and obvious deceit from both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

The general is correctly speaking out on behalf of his troops on the ground in Iraq in particular, the British military as a whole, and in the best interest of his country. As an honest, dedicated and career service man, he has a duty to do so. To do otherwise, would be disingenuous and cowardice when troops he is responsible for are in harms way. It is quite refreshing to have someone of his statue and position to tell it like it really is, without all the political spin .

Too many military high ranking officials are more concerned about guarding their careers than doing what is best and right for the troops, and primarily what is best for their country overall. No doubt had US military top brass strongly challenged the Bush administration from the inception,when invasion of Iraq was being contemplated and planned, the US probably would not be in the messy quagmire it now finds itself faced with today. Even if it meant resigning, would have been the honorable thing to do when something goes against one’s moral and ethical conscious, or when it is strongly felt there is not a legitimate basis for such an action as war.

Sure, the military is bound under the Constitution (US and Britain) to take orders from their civilian superiors, but not when something they are being asked to participate in or do is illegal, unethical, immoral or places the security of their nation at risk. The invasion of Iraq has definitely made both countries (US and Britain) less secure. And even today after General Sir Richard Dannatt's revealing interview, echoic spin continues coming out of both Washington and Downing Street; seemingly-with complete disregard for truth and reality.

Isn’t it high time US senior military leaders step up to the plate and speak the truth and stand shoulder to shoulder with Sir General Richard Dannatt? All they have to do is follow his lead and get in lockstep with him. He has opened the door. Now is a perfect time to speak out and let truth take its rightful place, and perhaps save lives. You decide!

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