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Monday, August 11, 2008


'Russia's invasion of Georgia indicates that the "Big Bear" will no longer tolerate interference from the US, the West or NATO, specifically in that order. So what has really caused the Big Bear to rise up and strike with such massive force against Georgia? No doubt a litany of issues that have been of concern to the Russians for some time. In particular, the US' insistence on placing-supposedly-anti-terrorist missile sites in Poland and other countries that are close to Russia. And former Soviet block countries, such as Georgia, that are desperately trying to or have become members of NATO. Such aggressive, bold and defiant acts, as seem through Russia's eyes, send a chilling message to Russia that it is slowly but surely being squeezed, surrounded and most of all disrespected.

In regards to NATO by the way, that entity should have been deactivated once the Soviet Union became defunct and non-existent as a collective force.

However,when one puts him or herself in the place of Russia, the only logical conclusion is that it was only a matter of time before Russia would react; no matter how repulsive and dis-proportionate the invasion may appear to the US and the international community as a whole; for which little Georgia foolishly provided to Russia at its own detriment. Thus, Russia was probably waiting for the right moment in time and opportune place, to send a resounding warning. No doubt the US' strategic in-your-face plan to locate missiles in Russia's own front and back yards is an arrogance and blunder that only the macho Bush administration could make. Surely President Bush and his foreign policy advisors, coupled with wise counsel from historians, should have known that Russia would not sit idly by forever and allow its security-whether real or perceived-be threaten without a response. Just as the US rightfully protected its back door during the Cuban Crisis, it is only logical to surmise Russia would eventually do so as well.

As such, the on-going war with Georgia over the former Russian held territory of South Ossetia is about much more than just that issue. Russia is ending a clear message to the US, the West, NATO and neighboring countries: "Back off! You have pushed us too far. If you don't cease and desist, then there is more to come as you see with Georgia." Could this be the beginning of a new Cold War era?

Anyone that understands the psychology of bears (scared and desperate people as well) knows that the last thing you ever want to do with a bear is to pin his or her back against the wall, or make them feel cornered. You see, that is when the bear becomes even more dangerous and ferocious. This is-unquestionably- the mindset Russia is experiencing today. You decide!


Vice-president Cheney's pronouncement that "aggression should not go unanswered" in response to Russia's incursion into Georgian territory is laughable in light of the fact that he was one of the principal advocates and architects of the US invasion of IRAQ in 2003. The Vice-President should simply keep quiet and out of sight because he is an embarrassment to the USA and is probably the last person in the world the Russians will listen to for advice. And of course the same goes for our president as well since he gave the order to invade in a war that that has been going on far too long. A WAR THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN. You decide!