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Thursday, October 08, 2009

CHICAGO'S YOUTH CRIME WAVE! Where Is the Mayor? Why Doesn't He Resign?

No doubt parents and each community-as a whole-have an obligated stake in getting the Chicago youth crime spree under control and taking back their streets. Quite naturally, individual responsibility of each young person involved in anti-social behavior is responsible for their own actions. But many are only kids, for which they cannot be expected to think logically, reasonably and responsibly as adults are supposed to. Also, let's not forget either that many gang members are adults and are the ones recruiting and encouraging the younger kids to join gangs and so on.

But the principal question is: Where is Mayor Daley.Is he and his administration AWOL (absent without leave) from the issues that persistently pervade some minority neighborhoods? The mayor's welcoming of US Attorney General Holder yesterday to participate in a breakfast to discuss strategies to try and eradicate youth crime, is a clear indication that the mayor is simply void of any solutions-not to say he really gives a damn. Plainly stated, the mayor is in over his head,as has been the case for two decades.

Thus, in this blogger's opinion, the primary problem in Chicago with its consistent poor record on education and teenage crime is that the people of Chicago continue to elect a mayor (19-20 years in office) and city counsel that are corrupt and simply too inept to effectively deal with prolonged social problems; especially those problems that exist on the south side-predominately black neighborhoods-of Chicago. No one has seriously called for the mayor to resign. Why haven't those in the news media, both local and national, called for the mayor's resignation? Additionally, nor has the compromised-rubber stamped city council insisted on his resigning.

Further, until the city council and the citizens of Chicago seriously consider putting into effect "term limits," the same do-nothing corrupt charade will continue. Term limits would-perhaps-facilitate an infusion of new blood and new solutions into Chicago politics, and rid the citizens of having to vote time-and-time again for the same corrupt incumbents that consistently sell them out; both white and black politicos alike. Thus, "term limits" would possibly see less corrupt people coming into office, collectively speaking, instead of the same old appointed POLITICAL MACHINE candidates and incumbents.

No doubt if things are not changed at the very top,Chicago will be wrestling with the same social issues,hearing very similar speeches that promise everything and deliver nothing,from the same vile and jaded people that have held the City hostage for decades. You decide!

Monday, October 05, 2009

McCrystal, General! Should Obama Rein In A Potential Rogue Warrior?

After General McChrystal's apparent defying speech given in London this past week in which, in my opinion, he publicly challenged Vice-President Biden's proposed plan to use missiles and drones and less troops-with primary focus on Al Qaeda instead of waging war against the Taliban- I am convinced the general was in a defiant mood. However, he has apparently overlooked one significant and principal fact:The Constitution of the USA,which places civilian control over the military. Meaning,simply, that the general works for President Obama, Vice-president Biden, and under the direct management of the secretary of defense, Secretary Gates.

The generals' defiance is somewhat reminiscent of the Truman and McArthur feud during World War II in which General McArthur became so uncontrollable by openly defying a direct order from the President that as a consequence, President Truman summarily and rightly fired the general by relieving him of his command in the Pacific and hasting his return to the motherland, USA.

If McChrystal continues in the same vain, President Obama just may have to do a Truman on him, unequivocally. Providing of course Obama has the backbone to demonstrate not only to McChrystal that he is in charge, but to the US Armed Forces as a whole. And to exhibit to the American people as well as the entire world that he has intestinal fortitude to do the job he is charged with, coupled with showing that he demands loyalty from his military leaders-irregardless of the number of decorations worn on their chest or the number of stars shinning on their shoulders. Such a strong and explicit demonstration is even more so important since Obama does not have a military background; which in the eyes of military leadership would carry more weight regardless of the clear mandate of the Constitution. You Decide.