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Thursday, March 19, 2009

OBAMA! Bring Our Soldiers Home! They've Been Gone Much Too long: Features, The Now, President Obama!

OBAMA! Bring Our Soldiers Home! They've Been Gone Much Too long: Features, The Now, President Obama!
This is the 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War (Republication from December 8, 2008)

A protest video-song dedicated to the brave women and men serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to their families (veterans as well) who are actually the ones bearing the brunt of a flawed-macho foreign policy. Thus, the composition of this song was inspired by the on-going debate among the US presidential candidates and their pundits over whether US troops in Iraq, in particular, should be withdrawn on a specific timetable or remain indefinitely-until the job is done(?). However, the issue is not about who is right or wrong in this highly emotional and never-ending discussion, but rather who is paying the highest price and ultimate sacrifice in a war that was unnecessary and "never should have been."

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Sunday, March 01, 2009


Something To Say World's heartfelt condolence goes out to the Harvey family to let them know that their loss is also a great national loss. And a personal loss for me as well. I have listened to Paul Harvey News for over forty years, especially whenever I was in the USA.I missed tuning in to his daily broadcasts while serving abroad in the US Air Force.

Paul's unique voice,impeccable diction, coupled with a perfect signature of delivery that exhibited energy and enthusiasm,were second to none. Paul was a pioneer in radio broadcasting and will be difficult to replace, although he has done a splendid job in grooming his son Paul Harvey Jr.

Paul, you will be missed immensely. But I am certain you are resting peacefully knowing that you have left behind a legacy to be proud of, one that will be impossible to duplicate. Because you did it your way! I am certain you will continue projecting that captivating smile while looking down on all of us, with a proud look of consolation because your broadcast news will have been left in highly capable hands with Paul Jr. Good Bye and may your soul forever rest in peace.

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