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Saturday, April 21, 2007

PRINCE WILLIAM WAS TOO YOUNG FOR KATE and KATE WAS TOO OLD FOR WILLIAM: It’s Simply A Matter of Physiology and Maturity!

(Photos: the independent Newspaper)

The break up of Prince Charles of England and Kate Middleton, no known genetical relation to this author, was primarily written in the stars, with fate taking its rightful course. William being just 23 years of age and Kate at 24 years, was a definite incompatible age match. It is well documented that women are at least 7 to 10 years more mature than men their age by the time both sexes reach adulthood. Thus, Kate in essence is at least 31 to 34 years in maturity to William’s slower-paced 23 years. At 24 years old, Kate should be looking at men that are five years or more her senior.

“Boys will be boys,” some have said about William’s partying in pubs and nightclubs with buddies and female admirers; not to mention his groping the breast of Brazilian stu
dent Ana Ferreira in Bournemouth, in which a photo of his testosteronal display was recently flashed all over the newspapers. No doubt, William still has a lot of partying to do. He needs time to find out who he really is, and most of all what type of lady he wants to live with for a lifetime. "He" is too young and immature to take such a giant step at this time. Not to say that some men are not capable of making such life changing decisions at the age of 23 is not the case. It’s just that the time is not right for Prince William, understandably and noncritically. So why should he rush into a decision he and Kate will-perhaps-regret for the rest of their lives, individually and collectively, despite relentless public pressure to do so?.

And as Prince Charles, Prince William’s father, has been reported to comment: “the Royal family doesn’t need anymore scandalous marriages.” I suppose, his was enough. You decide!