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Friday, December 28, 2007


(Photo: The Daily Mail/UK)

------------- TODAY’S COMMENTARY

If the infamous British police inspector Sherlock Holmes were investigating the assassination and murder of Benadir Bhutto, he would look-first and rightfully- at those that have the most to gain from her demise in spite of Al Qaeida’s boasting public proclamation. And so would I. Simply, by following the hard facts and evidence wheresoever they may lead, coupled with applying a simplified “process of elimination.” But we all know that will not be the case under the current government of Pakistan, and President Musharraf. There will probably never be an independent investigation of any sort or benefit.

First, the killing might have been one of many Bhutto Dynasty haters. Second, the “so-called” ALQaieda radical Islamists could have possibly pulled off the assassination to try and start an all-out civil war. But, unquestionably, we all should be open to the idea that any story claiming responsibility can be planted by any faction or anyone to deflect attention away from the real culprits.

Third, and foremost above all others, it would more-likely-than-not be the very ones that will benefit the greatest from her sudden elimination; not necessarily in an immediate sense, but in the long run. That-of course-would be the current party holding power, Pakistan Muslim League (PML), and the President himself.

Why does Bhutto's sudden termination benefit the PML and President Musharraf the most?:
( a) mainly because a formidable rival and opponent has now been eliminated. (b) the President will no longer have to forge an alliance or coalition with Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP); as Washington, or the Bush administration was trying to broker-forcibly and not just persuasively. (c) due to renewed tensions as a result of Bhutto’s death, the President can now have a pre-textual justification for delaying the projected election scheduled for next month, January 8th. Note: Some say that President Musharraf needed Bhutto’s participation for purpose of bringing some legitimacy to the election. But really, does a “dictatorial regime ” actually need another political party or person to legitimize its existence?

And (d), President Musharraf can also “unilaterally and conveniently” declare another “state of emergency,” for as long as he deem necessary due to the unstable and extremely heated environment. He will-undoubtedly-have the tacit blessings from Washington due to the high level of on-going volatility and possibility of a “nuclear powered state” being pushed into a civil war. And-even worst- falling under the control of Islamist radicals. Thus, free elections and democracy can be put on hold indefinitely, and the ruling party-PML- retains its grip on power indefinitely-unless unforeseen catastrophic events take whole to change the course of history.

But still, once again, I pose this poignant and lingering question that begs for a non-rhetorical answer: Who has the most to gain from Benadir Bhutto’s elimination? Al Qaieda or the powers to be? You decide!

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