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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


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I Simply could not refrain from commenting and missing this opportunity to state the obvious that I am sure other viewers have noticed on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor in which there is a concentrated effort to influence voters come this November in favor of the Republicans and/or the Conservatives.

Clearly, it is their prerogative to report on whatever subject chosen, invite whomsoever they desire as guests. But what I detest mostly, is the hypocritical nature in which Bill O’Reilly constantly uses the phrase “I’m looking out for you” with his viewing audience and fans, while at the same time couching his true intentions by trying to indirectly influence the ways his audience think about issues that he is so hyperactive about. No doubt his targeted minions are those conservatives and undecided viewers that, perhaps, do not consistently stay abreast of news issues and policies; which means they are the most vulnerable and impressionable of all.

O’Reilly’s interview of President Bush last week, just three weeks before the election, and his interview last night with Newt Gingrich (the hypocritical, disgraced and wicked former speaker of the House) showed him touting for the millionth time what he and his kind perceive is at stake if the democrats are victorious in taking either one or both of the Congressional houses. Purposefully sending the scary message that there will be a calamity, all hell will break loose in Washington D.C., or the entire country will fall apart if democrats win.

As if we haven’t heard all that type rhetoric and misleading garbage before; from both republicans and democrats or democrats and republicans-back and forth- depending on which party is in control determines which party as the opposition will become more pathetic, ridiculous and sickening. And I would be remiss if I left out the fact we hear some of the same chorus line statements and pronouncements coming from each party’s blind following supporters, and high paid special interest pundits.

After watching both aforementioned interviews and observing O’Reilly’s hidden intentions and motives, foremost being to salvage the Bush presidency from th escurge of the Iraq war and to minimize negative election impact, I became quite sad, nauseated, frustrated and angry. Especially when watching and hearing how O’Reilly framed his questions in a manner to solicit responses to support his flawed theories and sometimes clouded and skewed facts. For example, he made the declarative statement while interviewing the Newt, that “if the Iraq war were going well in Bush’s favor and the President’s poll ratings were around sixty percent or so, republicans would have no problems and walk away with this November’s election. Huh! As if Iraq is the only issue that has turned the public against the Administration, and, yes, even staunch and delusional republicans who are seemingly turning away in droves from their own party. No, it’s not the economy, stupid. Nor is it just about gross and consistent mistakes in Iraq.

O’Reilly, let me remind you of some of the primary reasons there is a real serious and unwavering backlash against the republican overseers of the peoples’ business: Arrogance, scandal after scandal, corruption, overspending, pork barrel projects that have no real value, gridlock, greed and stupidity. That’s not to say democrats will do any better or worse if they were in power. Those cited indiscretions are just things we must recognize, challenge, and try to change. While at the same time, hoping for the better, that the next Congress will do better than the last did. Realizing that no political system is flawless. And especially this two party structure that benefits mostly incumbents that are in power, their families and friends, and special interests with political connections. Simply a corrupt and vile revolving door. But O’Reilly’s efforts to rescue the republicans this mid-term election 2006, has about as much chance of succeeding as Bugs Bunny has becoming the next president of Disney World or the USA. Positive spins and twisted facts want save the day, this time.

Unquestionably, the O’Reillys of the news and entertainment media, be it from the right or from the left, clearly don’t get it. People are fed up!. They want change. If poll predictions are correct, they will effectuate that change at the voting booth in November; while holding their noses-of course. And two years from November, voters will go through the same exercise all over again. Thus, taking part in a perpetuating never ending vicious repetitive cycle by supporting a system that is second to none, while simultaneously fostering and harboring a perpetual revolving door process at their on tragic and obscured expense. That’s the American way, though. God Bless The Good Old USA! You decide!


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