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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BUSH-CHENEY: SHOULD THEY BOTH BE IMPEACHED? It’s doubtful if Congress (Democrats or Republicans) or the public have the stomach for such a process!

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With echoing calls for an investigation into the pre-Iraq war activities on part of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration, and possible preparation of an impeachment document by Conservatives in the House of Commons, I am reminded of thoughts that came to mind over two years ago upon learning that it was “highly probable” the Bush and Cheney administration simply used the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) issue as a pretext to invade Iraq.

I said then, and I say now-as an independent, non-aligned political party member: If Congress can find cause to initiate impeachment procedures against former President Bill Clinton for his under the desk and inside the closet sexual indiscretions, surely that body- the House of Representatives-should have the collective intestinal fortitude based on
fundamental -legitimate-Constitutional grounds and reasoning to launch an investigation into the current Administration’s alleged transgressions in reaching the ill, misguided and catastrophic decision to invade Iraq.

Especially, in light of established facts the Administration, particularly Cheney and his right-wing partners and cohorts (Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearl and others), allegedly, intentionally disrearded intelligence reports that stated just the opposite as what their prejudgmental and poorly reasoned conclusions were telling them.
In addition, purportedly, the US military, though meekly, expressed reservations about WMDs being in Saddam Hussein’s possession as well.

Quite naturally, my blood temperature level reached a boiling point with disgust, sadness, teary eyes and anger upon entertaining the very thought that our men and women were sent into harms way, for a war that was unnecessary and could have been avoided. Even today, my perceptions and perspectives and emotional feelings remain unabated. I often find myself thinking both silently and at times vocally speaking out loud, while suppressing internal screams that originate from the deepest crevices of my mortal soul: “The unmitigated gall!” “What in the hell were the Congress thinking about; in particular Democrats?” “Where in God’s name are their morals, ethics and humanness?”

Clearly, the imploding Republicans, who currently and arrogantly control both Houses of Congress, will not begin an investigation because they hold allegiance more to their respective political party than they do to the country, or the Constitution. Even if Democrats take one or both Houses next week, they will probably bring up all kinds of current and past issues and threaten to look deeply into alleged malfeasance on part of the other party. But in the long run, it will just be show tactics to make the public feel good, and believe they, the Democrats, are the better, or more ethical and moral party. And it is questionable and highly unlikely that a majority of the public would support an impeachment proceeding anyway, due to blind loyalty towards their political party. Americans! Isn’t it time for you to seriously consider electing a third party candidate? Of course, that is a subject for a future BLOG posting.

No doubt, history will show that no one of significance in leadership positions (not Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz or Pearle, etc.), actually paid a price or were held legally responsible for getting the USA into a mess that it now finds itself paying so dearly for on various fronts: lost of innocent civilian Iraqi lives; US military dead, wounded and maimed for life-numbers increasing day-by-day; grieving families torn apart on all sides; massive destruction of Iraqi infrastructures; loss of its moral authority and no longer trusted as the honest-broker. And, last but not least, billions of US dollars being wasted on a war that could have done “wonders” for the very same people whose tax dollars are paying for an ill-conceived, ill-planned, unnecessary and inhumane war.

Thus, i
n my book, if there ever were a public servant or servants deserving of impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors, I submit that Bush and Cheney are prime candidates, individually and collectively. But that day of reckoning will never happen. And we all know why. Don’t we? You decide!

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