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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


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Monday, March 20, 2006


Does President Bush have a mafioso mentality? I pose that question on this third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, based on what I've heard in the media for sometime, especially since the invasion on March 20th, 2003 concerning the President's overwhelming " animosity" towards Sadam Huessin. Last Saturday night, March 18th, that very same issue was discussed at length on the Nate Clay late talk show, WLS-890 A.M., Chicago. The bottom line, as voiced by Mr Clay, was that the President stated even long before he became president that he was highly pissed off at Sadam Huessin for putting out a contract on his father's life; the senior Bush and former president during the Iraq War of 1991. And due to the President's anger over that alleged and failed attempt, as Mr Clay intimated vociferously and angerly, the President seized the opportunity to carry out a vendatta with the pretext that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction, and was sponsoring and supporting terroism. Thus, inferring there was a direct link between Sadam and 9/11 or Osama Bin Laden, as stated by Mr Clay.

Upon reflection of Mr Clay's comments, I don't know why, but a comparative thought came to mind. Well, "if" this is true, the President actually went after Sadam by invading Iraq because of a vendatta he was harboring for a long time, then what separates him from the common criminals such as the mafiosos, i.e. John Gotti, Al Capone, and so on.? The answer is, simply, there is not an ounce of difference, except the President has 1.5 million men and women in the armed forces at his command, coupled with aircraft carriers, jet planes and helicopters, tanks of different makes, sizes and fire power. And last but not least, smart bombs and atomic bombs. Some people say that "for every rumor and stereotype, there is a bit of truth." So whether the President admits his hatred for Sadam was a motivating force in his decision to invade Iraq and overthrow Sadam or not, or whether he is capable of recognizing this as a possiblity or not, one thing for sure, he can never refute the fact that maybe, just maybe, his subconscious "could have" played a role in his final judgment even without his being aware such influence was occurring. Thus, placing him in the same category with crime bosses and godfathers that seek revenge against enemies when someone in their family or dominion is either harmed or killed. This comparison, if Mr Clay's observations are indeed correct, is irrefutable in the world of clinical psychologists.

As a consequence, be it a crime boss or the President of these United States, hatred can be a strong and uncontrollable motivator-both counsciously and subconsciously-which creates an inner urge to retaliate for purpose of sending a decisive clear and brutal message that says:"Messing with this family doesn't pay. And if you do, there is a high price you must pay. " Just look at where Sadam is now? Final note. The President spoke in Cleveland, OH today, providing further justification for removal of Sadam from power and to pump up public support for the war. He stated, firmly: "The decision to remove Sadam Huessin was a [difficult] decision." He repeated with emphasis and with a slight but significant change in wording: "The decision to remove Sadam Huessin was the [right] decision!" And I say: "You decide." I already have; as far back as March 20, 2003. Even before the first bomb was dropped I vehemently felt the reasons given were bogus.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

PRESIDENT BUSH'S RADIO ADDRESS: Saturday, March 11, 2006

President Bush gave his usual Saturday radio address this morning focusing on the Iraq war,and informing listeners about his strategy to keep concerned citizens informed about the situation this country is currently facing with the on-going insurgency that's causing havoc in Iraq. I listened attentively. And I couldn't help but feel he was simply reading the written words without genuine feelings that corresponded to the message he was attempting to convey. I thought to myself: "He is just going through the motions; fullfilling his presidential duties." Today's address seemed so superficial. He appeared hurried, anxious to end the speech, and definitely not as confident and as well assuring as he has been in the past. The President's voice sounded like a man who was tired, wary and despondent. Something was definitely lacking. Could his apparent despondency be because of the low poll ratings he is receiving due to loss of confidence on part of the public which is based on their dissatisfaction with the way he is conducting the war? Or that the people have finally wised up to the fear tactic rhetoric the Administration has been spewing out for the last three years? Perhaps, it's partly because he knows the Iraq war is not really being won as the American public is being told? The latest Zogby poll indicates that even the rank-in-file troops fighting the war are also starting to question why is the U.S. still in Iraq? (See pollster John Zogby's posting dated March 1,2006: ReadClips.dbm?ID=12734

Bottom line, is I felt sad, but not surprised. Because I knew from the inception the Iraq invasion was ill conceived, unnecessary and that the post war results would not be the "slam dunk" as the initial invasion was, due to the simple fact the Iraqi military didn't put up a massive fight as coailation forces moved into Bagdad proper. I stated to a couple of my ex-military buddies, that the elite units of the Iraqi armed forces would sooner or later resurface to engage our forces in guerilla warfare. And that prediction has come to pass, clearly. I also stated it was a grave mistake to disband those units of the iraqi military that remained in tack after the invasion. That observation also became a reality, in that the coailation has recalled or rehired various high ranking members of Sadam's officer corps. Some people have even stated, wittedly with a touch of seriousness, that Sadam should be put back in charge, because the country as a whole was never in such disarray under his rule. The way things are going, perhaps, that's not a bad idea; irregardless of how rediculous it may seem. Could it be the President, Mr Bush, is wondering the same? And do the intonations in his voice correspond accordingly to how he actually feels inside-even though he tries desperately to mask his true feelings? You Decide!

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Friday, March 10, 2006




KUDOS! KUDOS! To the will of the people, which has rightfully prevailed. And to CNN's Lou Dobbs and staff, and to a handful of our Congressional officials (representatives Dennis Hastert, Peter King, Duncan Hunter, Robert Menendez, Bill Young, and others not named) . The people have spoken, the representative leaders listened, although slowly, and Dubai Ports ( DP) World and the White House saw the light. Undoubtedly, there were behind the scenes manuvering by the Administration to find a way to get out from under the storm that was brewing, and to convince DP World that to continue trying to salvage the deal would only create more torrential weather within the beltway and througout the country, as a whole. DP World is to be commended for its forsight and wise business acumen; seriously.

Now, it is high time for our leaders to author a strong bill-and pass it-which will require all ports, as well as all other vital securtity assets of this nation, to be controlled and operated "only" by legitimate U.S. companies that are trustworthy, reliable and capable. To all you patriotic citizens, including myself, that let your dissatisfaction be known to the powers to be, I say: Kudos! Kudos! A job well done! Stay true to your core beliefs, and remain viligant.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

WHAT'S REALLY DRIVING THE UAE PORTS DEAL? Why A Veto Threat? Veterans,Where Are You?

Looking at the news last week and hearing President Bush threaten to "veto" any legislative efforts to debunk the deal to place six U.S. ports under opertaional control of DP World, a majority held ownership of the United Arab Emirates government, I couldn't help wondering just what was and is driving this "line in the sand" attitude and position the President has so arrogantly taken. So I asked myself: "Why would the President want to take on a fight not just with democrats, but with top members of his own party especially over a transaction involving issues of national security, and especially with a company owned primarily by a foreign nation that would operate our ports? I didn't see that same enthusiasm when the United Air Line's sale to China was overridden by the Congress. I wonder why? Were there promises made with a guarantee to deliver?

I am personally incensed. And speaking for other military veterans that I know and served with, coupled with others I've had the pleasure of talking with about the UAE transaction, there are expressions of dismay, anger, and outrage. As such, I don't think I'm being presumptious in speaking for the majority of military veterans and more-likely-than-not, active duty personnel as well, when I say someone needs to stress to the President that "we" military veterans didn't put our lives on the line, as our active military personnel are now bravely doing, for him to contract six of our sea ports-or more-out to an Arab company that emanates from a country that has questionable links-whether real or perceived-to terrorist organizations and still recognizes the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afganistan. Mr President, this transaction is no less than an arrogant insult to all the dedicated men and women currently serving and fighting, those that have sustained injuries, and the millions that have died in defense of this great nation.

No doubt veterans need to speak out both loud and clear. And if necessary, veterans all across this nation should initiate a "PEACEFUL MARCH" on Washington, shoulder-to-shoulder, united-as-one, and say: "Stop selling off America, Mr president!" 'And where is the oversight, Congressmen?" Enough is enough? God save our great nation from those that purport to be our leaders and caretakers!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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