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Sunday, September 04, 2005


All the politicos and bureacrats have made their appearances before the TV cameras and put their spin on how the great city of New Orleans will be rebuilt. But failing to realize the million plus people who are suffering could give a dam about rebuliding, in that they just want immediate relief from the suffering, pain and misery that should have come to them days ago. But most everyone realizes the Government, federal that is, responded slowly and weakly to a massive devastation that had been predicted for decades. So the question is: "who lost New Orleans?" Sure there was a natural disaster, and no one really knows whether reinforcing the levees, or applying other engineering methods would have saved the City from Katrina's ravage. And we will never know now, will we? But one thing is for certain, reducing the Corps of Engineers' budget by some forty four percent-as news reports have stated, places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the administration, Congress and Senate, and republicans and democrats ailke. Experts speculate it will cost ten to twenty billion dollars-if not more-to recover New Orleans to its natural state as it was before Katrina left its horrible destruction. Thus, had those billions not been diverted from the New Orlean's project for a selected Iraq war, perhaps, the City could have been saved. If not saved completely, at least some of the vast destruction could have, possibly, been minimized; thus, costing a fraction of what is required for massive reconstruction. So again I pose this simple-personalized question: "who" do "you" think lost New Orleans?" In addditon, "where" should the responsibility be placed? And "who" should be held accoutable, and how?