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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

President Obama Needs to Rein In Isareli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Long Overdue!

From the inception, Isareli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown poor protocol and downright disrespect for President Obama on more than one occasion, and Obama has taken his arrogance without reining him in as the presidert of a superpower should do by- simply-demanding respect.

I get the distinct feeling  Netanyahu thinks he is an American just because he lived and studied here in the USA.  Not so, Mr Netanyahu!  Even though you have friends on The Hill, Congress, deosn't give you the right to chastise our president as if he were a teenager.  Of course I would surmise, in your hearts of hearts,  you probably would be more respectful with a teenager than you have been with President Obama.

However, the blame lies more so with President Obama, in that he has not yet learned that respect is earned not given, and that people like Netanyahu only respect power and a stern hand, more so than protocol; as he has clearly shown. 
Please read full article highlighting just what I am talking about and mean: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu r-american-values-critique-192658758.html