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Friday, June 17, 2011

Congressman Anothony Weiner: Hold On To Your Gloating-Critical and Vociferous Horses, Folks! I have something to say-world

So Weiner got caught exposing his weenie. And he lied about it. So what? Understandable human reaction, not excusable-but understandable. Politicians lie all the time. They would not be true politicians if they did not shade the truth or outright lie. I am not supporting nor condoning the Congressman’s lewd behaviors and post-actions after being exposed, by no means. But rather I am attempting to bring things into their proper perspective based on reality.

I have observed this man over the years and can say with some degree of certainty that he is one of the most progressive and productive politicians on Capitol Hill. Always "in your face" with the republicans, and was not that popular among democrats either.

Hence, Weiner is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb for the hypo-critical demos; a.k.a. hypocritical democrats. Why do you dare say such a thing, you ask? Well because it is now June 2011 and the demos are preparing for the 2012 elections. So Weiner must resign early; post haste. No time for rehabilitation and forgiveness. 

If Weiner’s unfortunate dilemma had occurred-let’s say-in late 2009 or early 2010, approximately a year ago, the hypos-demos would not be singing the same tune: You must go! Resign now! So you see, amigos, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Pure and simple political calculations on the hypos-demos standpoint as if the US American voting public-overall-give a damn. I don’t; as long as he is executing his duties for the betterment of the USA and his constituents. Plus, his lewd actions were between and among consenting adults anyway. So what’s the problem? Oh yea, his poor wife-of course- is experiencing pain and suffering. And a more darker side of the scenario her being pregnant; which impacts more negatively on the Congressman’s image. But again, reality check, is between him and her, and NY voters because, apparently, there were no laws broken. 

So he resigns for sake of expediency and for the good of the Democratic Party. What a f-ing joke! The demos unlike the republican that stick with their own, threw one of their own-literally-under the train. As Pat Buchanan stated: The demos actually threw water in a drowning man's face. Shamelessly and a clear demonstration of lack of intestinal fortitude. In simpler terms, NO BACKBONE!

A word to the unwise demos: The next election will be about JOBS, STUPID! Not about some congressman's sex scandal. Also focus will be on the execution and continuation of unnecessary, costly and endless wars..............; the list does not end there. Further, the next election will probably become a long overdue referendum on the hypos-demos not having backbone to do what has to be done to get this wonderful country, USA, back on track. And the list goes on and on....... 

One question to the voting public,irregardless of your political affiliation: When will "you/we" stop putting our politicians on pedestals, as if they are gods, and finally realize that they are only HUMAN with strengths and weaknesses-same as you and me. Not to mention the fact that some previous administration officials committed far worst infractions of the public's trust than Representative Weiner's sexing scandal. You know such as taking the USA to war in Iraq based on contrived justifications and intentional lies, torturing prisoners and lying about it. yep, the list goes on and on.

This blogger and independent voter strongly feels that Congressman Weiner should be or should have been allowed to rehabilitate himself, repent and rekindle his Congressional career. Besides isn’t his First Amendment Rights being violated? Is this not the country of forgiveness?

Who outed him anyway, and why? What was their motive? But that's another story in itself, for another time.
Bottom line: I am fed up with the blatant hypocrisy that is being perpetrated on the US American public by politicians . 

Thank God, I am a proud voting independent. .