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Saturday, December 30, 2006


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Surely if any human being deserved to be tried, punished and executed, Saddam Hussein was one leader whose name should have been at the top of the list of those that justice was waiting to be served. But as I watched the video of the noose being placed around his neck, with an abrupt cutoff of the historic final scene, I got “no” pleasure or satisfaction out of seeing his fate finally becoming a reality. Indeed, there was an inner-weird sense that “something just wasn’t right(?).” I didn’t even try to match words to my emotions or non-emotions, I starred-stoically-at the images as the news media constantly played and replayed the horrific event with vigorous overkill commentaries. And as if they were exuding delight in his demise and witnessing such a spectacle.

Listening to an interview of a British dignitary on BBC’s Radio 720 AM pertaining to the execution, the interviewee stated he had mixed feelings about Saddam being put to death because of three principal reasons: the means, method and manner in which it came about. His comments, so eloquently stated, clearly captured and summarized the aforementioned weird- emotions that I was experiencing earlier in the day.

Again, something just wasn’t right (?), due to the means, method and manner for which the execution was carried out, in that the trial, prosecution and execution were actually accomplished under the auspices of occupational forces; judges and defense lawyers were constantly under threat and intimidation-with some actually being systematically eliminated and killed; serious questions relating to fairness of the judicial system and trial were raised by credible international human rights organizations; the Iraqis now in power are merely applying retaliatory measures; and the thought that there will always be an aura of suspicion about whether the Iraqis were simply carrying out the dictates and will of the U.S. by sending Saddam to the gallows. And the clincher is whether or not George W. Bush, Jr. has reaped his revenge for the suspected and alleged attempt by Saddam on the life of his father, George H. W. Bush, Sr., during the former president’s visit to Kuwait in 1993; resulting in the US responding by launching a cruise missile strike against Iraq's intelligence headquarters. The proverb “reap what you sow” means you eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions. I suppose Saddam is a testament to that old proverb, in more ways than one.

Bottom line, unequivocally, is that although Saddam might have been a tyrant and a thug, one thing for sure, he was the U.S.’s tyrant and thug for many years. But Saddam, because of the overt degree of defiance and uncontrollable ambitions of becoming the “mother of all leaders” in the Middle East, he became intolerable and dispensable to the U.S. Simply stated, history is repeating itself under two different presidents, father and son, respectively, with same last names. For you see, just as Noriega of Panama became intolerable and dispensable under the presidency of Bush Sr., Saddam too was no longer needed and could no longer be endured by Bush Jr. and his administration; irregardless of Saddam’s impetuous noncompliance with United Nation’s resolutions. Eventually, a way or another pretext other than “weapons of mass destruction” would have been found to justify invading and replacing Saddam-all under the guise of implementing the ill-conceived grandiose plan of spreading democracy throughout the middle East. You decide!
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Monday, December 11, 2006


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It was predicted by a very reliable source on the McLaughlin Group show, December 9th, that Karl Rove, the Political Advisor to President Bush, will resign during the first quarter of next year, 2007.

I suppose after an outright massive repudiation by the U.S. voters last month during the mid-term elections, Karl and his avid supporters have finally come to realize he’s not the genius they all made him out to be. As the saying goes: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”

Obviously, Karl’s’ time ran out, in that a majority of the people, including some Republicans, would no longer stand for being deceived and lied to as they were during the 2004 presidential election with his scare-tactic political strategies. You decide!
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Sunday, December 10, 2006


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It was reported by CNN News today that the former Chilean dictator Pinochet died earlier this morning.

Moms Mabley, the infamous U.S. American comedian, once said the only thing people should say about a dead person is something “good. And then she would pause for a moment, and say in a deep sinister voice: He’s dead, good!
That is the same way I feel about Pinochet, the Butcher of Chile. And I am certain the victims of his tyranny (1973 to 1990) that are still living, and the relatives of those that were slaughtered by he and his butchers feel the same way. The only exception being, of course, that it is too bad he will never stand trial on this mortal earth for all the terror and murder he and his regime perpetrated during his rein. Will he meet is his justice in another world? Only for those that believe there is a heaven and hell.

In my opinion, he should have met his fate here in the mortal world by hanging from the gallows, painfully and slow. His demise is being broadcast over most of the radio and TV news networks, as well as the print media. My only ressponse is: So what? Pinochet is dead. GOOD! RIDDENS! You decide.
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