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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Jeraldo Rivera is the "only" person in the media this blogger has seen that has the guts and legal wisdom to defend Illinois Governor Blagojevich's right to a fair trial before the Illinois Senate. A body that is obviously dead set on convicting him. I am not a Blagojevich fan, nor is Jeraldo. But how can the Illinois Senate purport to have done their job without leaving an odious smell on the proceeding. The Senate will not allow the Governor to call certain witnesses because the US attorney has barred them from doing so. Thus, if the Governor cannot call the very witnesses that could possibly vindicate him, then as the Governor has stated: "The hearing is just a sham. "And as Jeraldo strongly commented on the O'Reilly Factor/Fox News Channel-this date-paraphrasing: "Its' an injustice; even if the Governor is a scumbag." I agree! You decide!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


(AP Photo)

Blago, the embattled governor of Illinois, called the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's bluff in a dignified and skillful manner. By simply continuing to do his job, despite his being impeached by the Illinois House and facing a conviction in the Illinois Senate, he demonstrated just how to be cool when faced with seemingly overwhelming pressures and odds that places him squarely in the line of fire from many directions-both politically and legally. This blogger doubts whether the IL Senate will convict the governor once the evidence is weighed against the requirements for conviction and removal from office. But we all will know the outcome by the end of next month, February 2008

And so the knee Jerk US Senators,Reid and Durbin, relented after making fools of themselves; literally. Roland Burris was given the oath of office, is now the Junior-Senator from Illinois, and has taken his seat this date. Hurrah! Truly the people of Illinois are the real winners because of the irrefutable fact that an honest-hard working man is now seated to represent the them in a dignified and non-corrupt and noteworthy manner. Good Luck Senator Roland Burris!

I analyze and comment. But you-the reader-decides!
P.S. This blogger knows first-hand about the integrity and ethics of Senator Burris. I was fortunate to have worked along side him during his 2002 run for Illinois governor.

Friday, January 02, 2009


I have often criticized talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh for being too critical of the Senate democratic leadership for their alleged ineptitude and poor leadership abilities. But I must admit the manner in which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has performed during Illinois governor Blagojevich’s fiasco, lends credence to Limbaugh’s charges.

First, Senator Reid jumped too soon into the fray after the US attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald, arrested the governor by “drawing a line in the sand,”as the saying goes. He stated, emphatically, he or the Senate would not seat any appointee that the governor sent forward. Thus, boxing himself and the Senate into the untenable and ludicrous position that he now finds himself in; which was avoidable if he had merely been more patient and played the “wait and see game.” (Google Images Photo)

Reid never imagined the governor would out maneuver him both politically and strategically by appointing someone that was not on the original list of contenders for President-elect Obama’s vacated Senate seat. The governor, instead, appointed the Honorable Roland Burris. Burris is a veteran politician who has an impeccable public service record in Illinois, coupled with integrity and ethics that has not been impeached-thus far. And I doubt if anyone will be able to impugn his reputation in anyway; no matter how deep they may dig or how nick-picky they might be.

Nonetheless, despite Burris’ stellar credentials, the misguided Senator Reid insists on remaining with his initial knee-jerk decision: not to seat a Blagojevich appointment. Reid was probably playing to the cameras; seeking to restore or enhance the low image that the Senate now has in the public’s eyes.

It is obvious that common-sense and political savvy are not in being at all. Senator Reid knows darn well that he needs as many democrats as he can get to ensure a comfortable majority-with a little help from some republicans-when it comes down to counting votes on critical bills and programs. This is especially important in light of the fact that the Minnesota Senate seat is still up in the air between the comedian Al Franken (D) and the incumbent Senator Norm Coleman (R).

Bottom line: As long as Roland Burris is not proven to be associated with the Blagojevich corruption issue, then Reid would be smart to relent, advocate to seat Burris, and get this embarrassing matter off the radar screen before Tuesday, January 20th, Inauguration Day 2009.

In plain words, Reid must separate the appointee’s outstanding integrity, ethics and record from that of a tainted and alleged corrupt governor. Keeping in mind that Blagojevich is still legally the governor of Illinois-until impeached or convicted.

Last but not least, neither the Senate nor the new President Obama need such a senseless distraction with all the alligators (two wars, economy, public cynicism,.....) biting at their behinds as they go forward into a new year and a new presidency. You decide!

P.S. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's refusal to certify Roland Burris' appointment is an outrage and a cowardly act on his part-without question. Since the governor is still the duly elected head official of the executive branch of state government and executing his legal authority as chief executive in making such an appointment, White could have easily justified a certification on that irrefutable basis. But no, he chose to go with the flow of the moment, without considering what was right and best for the citizens of Illinois in the long run. I don't think it is a stretch to surmise that more-likely-than-not, Mr White was probably protecting his own political position for future elections. What a shame!