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Monday, July 31, 2006

"U.S. TOLD US [NOT TO STOP] THE BOMBING:" Says Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom!

(Photo: yahoo Images)

During a BBC Radio 4 News interview with Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom this morning, July 31, 2006, the Foreign Minister was asked why the Israelis would not accept a cease fire or at least have allowed civilians to leave areas being bombed, early on in the campaign to eradicate Hizballah from southern Lebanon. The Prime Minister stated: “we wanted to stop a week ago, but the Americans told us not to; that we should continue.”

This new revelation of admission, is not surprising because of the “forked tongue”being displayed by the U.S. Administration. Thus, saying one thing in public before the cameras, while saying another behind the scenes. That happens all the time on the diplomatic stage. However, in this particular case, innocent men, women and children were being slaughtered almost every single dreadful day, when in fact-just possibly-many lives could have been saved had a temporary cessation of bombing occurred. The Qana atrocity is just one recent example.

If what Foreign Minister Shalom says is true, then is it not reasonable to conclude that responsibility for the callous lost of innocent civilian lives should not only be placed at the Israelis’ front door steps, but at the U.S.’ as well due to its complicity and behind the scenes duplicitous actions? And will anyone, which I believe will eventually happen, include the U.S. along side Israel with a charge of war crimes? We all must answer for the choices we make. And not even a "SUPER POWER" or its leaders should be an exception. The irrefutable evidence is clear!

A FINAL AGONIZING-HEARTBREAKING-REALITY-CHECK QUESTION: How can such a great and wonderful nation as the United States of American, produce such callous, jaded and incompetent leaders? Uhmmm, an interesting BLOG topic; for another day though-and soon.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

SECRETARY RICE AND PRIME MINISTER OLMERT: The carnage that's taking place in Lebanon is no smiling matter!

(photo: Reuters)

I understand cordiality, protocol and the term ally. And I also understand the meaning of photo opt (opportunity) for the media and the world as a whole.

However, the jovial demeanor shown by the US secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert when they met at the Prime Minister's residency in Jerusalem on July 29, 2006, in my opinion was quite unbecoming and totally out of place due to the gravity of the crisis taking place in Lebanon with so many innocent civilians being killed by Israeli bombs.
Yes, I would feel the same sense of outrage if I were to see Lebanese officials or Hizbullah members acting in a similar manner.

It would seem those that are charged with trying to negotiate an agreement of such great magnitude to stop the fighting and resulting carnage on both sides, would show some kind of sincerity in the manner in which they present themselves before the public. They should understand it is of the utmost importance to demonstrate to the world through the projection of their personal persona that they are indeed serious about trying to effectuate a mutually agreed plan to halt the fighting and to save innocent lives.

Just imagine the message being interpreted by the Lebanese populace that are immediately affected by the on-going destruction when they see the very people that hold their fate pretty much in their hands, looking as if they are meeting to discuss issues of less significance and urgency, or simply on a holiday. Or that they just met to put on a show, but could really care less about preventing more bloodshed and misery. It would have been more convincing had the two dignitaries expressed somewhat of a "melancholy" mood due the inherent nature of their meeting.

The picture speaks for itself. And what it says doesn't bode well for the image of the Secretary of State and that of the Prime Minister, respectively and collectively, who are the ones that influence and make life and death decisions, unquestionably. The message I get when I view the photo doesn't give me a feeling of assurance, and it certainly doesn't project a positive sign that says "we really do care." No doubt the Lebanese peoples are feeling the same way. You decide!

Friday, July 28, 2006

MADAM SECRETARY RICE UNDERSTRAIN? If so, is it jetlag or conscience?

(Most Photos: Reuters)

Madam Secretary Condoleezza Rice, US, was caught on camera in a seemingly fatigued nature at the Rome Conference On Lebanon, July 26, 2006, while listening, apparently, to a translation. She appeared to be "under strain," writes Suzy Austin of the UK Metro, in her side caption to the accompanying photo shown above. Could her apparent strain be because of the "A-moral" policy towards Lebanon she is proffering for the US and Israeli administrations? Is it because her conscience is eating away at her as horrid visions of innocent Lebanese men and women and children haunt her every human thought and soul?My understanding is that Ms Rice is a woman of deep moral and ethical character, with strong religious ties. Perhaps, her loyalty to friend, Mr Bush, and her moral convictions are clashing? Maybe it's time for her to simply walk away, resign, before her reputation is disastrously destroyed due to her affiliation with Mr Bush and his "A-moral" policies.

Loyalty to friend only goes so far.
Never at the expense of selling your soul, or destroying your reputation.
A public officials
loyalty and dedication should be foremost to the Constitution and to the peoples of the respoective country they serve. Not to one individual or the administration holding power at any given time. You decide!
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (L) and Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora shake hands during meeting with Lebanese and US officials, 24 July 2006 at Siniora's offices in Beirut.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (L) and Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora shake hands during a meeting with Lebanese and US officials, 24 July 2006 at Siniora's offices in Beirut. Rice was in Beirut today at the start of a high-stakes mission to try to end the devastating conflict in Lebanon, even as Israeli troops were locked in deadly combat with Hezbollah guerrillas. AFP PHOTO/HAITHAM MUSSAWI (Photo credit should read HAITHAM MUSSAWI/AFP/Getty Images)
Photo: Getty Image

The Secretary appears to show further strain as she stood before a news conference after the meeting (?). Was it jetlag or conscience? Again, you decide!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

ROME CONFERENCE ON LEBANON WAS SET UP FOR FAILURE: A stacked deck? A shameful sham to stall for time? Or both?

(Photos: WorldNews)

"Keep your friends close. But keep your enemies even closer."

That old adage is not only a credible dictum, but a worthy common-sense practice that warrants application in real life as well. Even more so on the world stage, where smart and effective diplomacy matters. Why
wasn't it applied during the Rome Conference on Lebanon, July 26, 2006?

Attending the Conference, as reported in the media, were the US, France, Russia, Britain, the European Union (EU), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Nations (UN) and the World Bank. And that Germany, Spain and Jordan had also been invited and that officials from Lebanon and other Arab states were expected to attend. Some fifteen countries and entities in all would be represented .

How on earth can a peace be reached if all or some of the principal players are not included- or simply shut out? Meaning Israel, Iran, Syria and Hezbullah; especially the former three. Iran and Syria should have been included because they are alleged to be the primary sponsors of Hezbulla with financial and military backing. Why invite Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and not Syria and Iran? Answer: Simply to stack the deck. Quite naturally Israel should have been there.

We all know the power brokers, US and Britain, had no intentions of bending or agreeing to a cease fire. If so, then why even attend or agree to hold a conference period? Just another stalling tactic and sham, as previously reported to provide more time for Israel to continue its campaign to eliminate Hezbullah, with unfettered devastation and killing of innocent civilians, coupled with needless destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructures-crude punishment for allowing Hezbulla to exist within its borders.

The LA Times stated that “ Rice and the British representatives stood virtually alone in opposing an immediate cease-fire, participants in the talks said. Russia, Italy, France, the United Nations and all Arab delegates made an especially vocal argument for a halt to hostilities.” However, the US and Britain prevailed; irregardless of how twisted and inhumane their positions appear to be. Thus, the entire body of conferees allowed themselves to be held hostage by two unified allies and unwavering attendees.

Obviously the paramount question remains: “Why didn’t the UN, EU/European and Arab countries press for inclusion of the principal parties, or threaten to collectively boycott the meeting if those key players were not invited. Simply having a statement read by D'Alema, the Italian foreign minister, noting that “key players in the region, Israel and Hezbullah, and patrons Syria and Iran were not invited,” was and is not enough.

The intentional omission of those parties is an abomination of the worst kind, especially when it is acknowledged they are paramount to reaching an immediate end to the fighting. Unquestionably, this blatant lack of foresight and inept diplomacy is a grave disservice to both the peoples of Israel and Lebanon, and the Middle East as a whole.
As emphasized by King Abdullah of Saudia Arabia who warned of a regional war "that would not spare no one" if Isareli "arrogance" barred the resolution of a cease fire or a peace."

(Google Image)

Again, "keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer. " Apparently, the power brokers and the other conferees did not and do not understand that principle.

So, was the Rome Conference on Lebanon a stacked deck, due to behind the scenes heavy preconference armed twisting
strategies that of which ensured a prerranged unfortunate outcome, or was it just a shameful sham to stall for more time? Or was it both? You decide.

NOTE: See my July 25th posting, last paragraphs.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ISRAEL'S ONSLAUGHT: BIRTH PANGS OF DEMOCRACY SAYS RICE? Try explaining that to the wounded and dead!


Yesterday morning BBC radio News-4 reported that Madam Condelezza Rice, US Secretary of State, declared that the casualities we are witnessing as a result of Israel's onslaught on the Lebanese peoples in its campaign to eradicate Hezbulla, are “pangs ” of the birth of a new Middle East or new democracy; referring to Lebanon.

As pointed out in BLOG, "Similar statements were made just before the total destruction of Iraq and the killing of about 250000 Iraqi not to mention continuing suffering till this day." Maybe true, maybe slightly exagerated.

But birth Pangs? Try telling that to the men, women and children that are unfortunately caught in the inescapeable middle of this needless destruction and
mayhem. I suppose the killing of the innocents is God’s will, as seen in the eyes of the powers to be. But actually it is simply man's inhumanity to man? By the way, does Ms Rice or Mr Bush have any family members or children in the war zone? It's easy to disassociate ones feelings, when one is not directly affected or none of their family members are either. What we are really witnessing are the dynamics of legacy building in motion at the expense of the weak and helpless.

Additionally, BBC Radio News-4 reported this morning that a high Israel official stated last evening that Madam Rice's visit to Israel is merely a stalling tatic to allow more time for Israel to complete its objectives. And the introduction of a plan to install a peace keeping force is just a cover as well, because activating such a force will take months.

Thus, in the mean time, just let the maiming, killing, slaughtering and destruction continue for sake of achieving the New Middle East Order as envisioned by Western imperialistic and colonial powers. No one can convincel me that God, if there is one, condones such heartless inhumanity to accomplish nation building or to install democracy.


Many questions come to mind, most remain unanswered, and some cannot be explained in common-sense terms. So I go on scratching my head and wondering how can supposedly inelligent, highly educated and capable peoplebe so inhumanely wrong?

TIGER WOODS: A real man shows the entire world how to be human!

(Photos: BBC News, Baltimore Sun, and Metro)

Tiger woods retained his British Open at Hoylake on Sunday. After winning and walking off the green, he exhibited genuine emotion while paying tribute to his late father Earl, who passed away last May.

Tiger showed tears with dignity, poise, grace and style. He demonstrated to the whole world that it's alright for a real man to shed tears. His unrestrained discomposure and tense facial expressions stated quite eloquently, without words: "Although I am a super star, still I'm only human. And I don't mind showing the world that I am."

Unquestionably, Tiger is the epitome of what a son should be because he definitely displayed respect and admiration and gratitude towards his father while he was alive, and is doing so in death as well.

A truly remarkable and exemplary father and son relationship that warrants emulation by fathers and sons all over the globe. We all love you Tiger. And you too Earl, for a superb job-well done. Whereever you are, no doubt you are smiling. May your soul rest in peace.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


A BBC News Photo
(Kofi Annan)

In my last article, dtd Thursday July 20, 2006: ISRAEL’S ATTACK ON LEBANON IS SIMPLY AN EXTENSION OF THE BUSH POLICY: A US offensive by proxy, I stated that there were more-likely-than-not other underlying objectives driving Israel to conduct a wide scale campaign into Lebanon than the kidnaping of their soldiers; intimating simply that this justification was merely a pretext.

My conclusion was apparently right on target, as verified and validated by the Friday July 21, 2006 Guardian's article (page 15): Israel angry, US wary as Annan peace plan calls for ceasefire

The Guardian quotes the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan as follows: “Mr Annan said his three- member delegation to the Middle East had been told by Israeli leaders that their military golas were more far reaching than achieving the release of the captured soldiers, and that “the operation is not yet approaching the achievement of this objective.” There's not much I can add, except to say killing one's neighbors is no way to obtain an everlasting peace,or to stop the bloodletting.

For additional articles: Please read AMERICA'S PROXY WAR. Other Means, by Lawerence F. Kaplan, the New Republic Magazine:

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Before I went out to purchase a newspaper this day, and after listening to the news pertaining to the Israel and Lebanon crisis, I reflected on what I had seen and read in the media a few days earlier when I saw President Bush at the G8 meeting in Russia. The Israeli offensive had just been underway for a couple days or so. While appearing to be munching on snacks as he was talking with Prime Minister Blair of Britain, not knowing there was a live microphone near by, he stated: “well all he [referring to sweet and honey (?) Kofi Anan-UN Secretary General] has to do is call and ask Syria to tell Hezbullah to cut their [shit] out. And that will solve the problem.”

Listening to the way he made that statement with ease, comfort and confidence, coupled with what appeared to be an insouciant attitude towards the Lebanese casualties, the President looked awfully cool in my opinion not to have known about Israel’s plan to attack Hezbullah or Lebanon for purpose of destroying once-and-for-all Hezbullah’s support systems and infrastructures. Even a blind man could see the obvious, in that the Israeli and Hezbullah conflict is simply a US offensive by proxy. Not to say Israel hasn’t the right to defend itself or hasn’t acted on its own unilaterally before, but the whole scale of mayhem is unprecedented as far as taking so many innocent lives.

Thus, the President’s historical proclamation in 2001 after the 9/11 attack occurred, stating explicitly: “ Either you are with us or you are against us! And those who provide financial support or harbor terrorist groups and organizations will be dealt with in the same manner as the terrorists themselves.” And he meant what he said. Look at what happened to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and now Lebanon. The only difference is another war machine is doing the bidding. Again, Israel has a right to defend its territory and to protect its people when a sworn enemy, be it a sovereign country or an organization such as Hezbullah, acts on its own to kidnap soldiers for ransom. Any country with guts and pride will react. But the question is by what proportionality of a response? .
So as I was saying, I went to purchase a newspaper and as I was looking through the selection, one headline and sub-caption caught my eyes on the front page of The Guardian, a British publication, that showed: "United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hezbullah [Bush gave green light for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources]” I realize just because a charge is made and printed doesn’t make it true. But analyzing one’s actions as to what is or isn’t done, speaks volumes. As The Guardian reported, and other media as well, that “the US -backed by Britain-has blocked efforts for an immediate halt to the fighting initiated at the UN security council, the G8 summit in St Petersburg, Russia and the European foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Further, when there is obvious delay in sending a US diplomat, for example the secretary of state, to try and ask for both sides to cease fire and stop the killing of innocent and helpless civilians, one can only imagine there being a much deeper underlying objective other than just getting the kidnaped soldiers back.

Unquestionably, opportunity knocked at the US’ and Israeli’s doors due to the stupidity and miscalculation of Hezbullah, and the passivity of the Lebanese government to control Hezbullah’s consistent and prolonged random acts of terrorizing the Israeli populace. Consequently, the US through proxy Israel chose to seize a moment in time.

I will pose just one paramount question, although many could be formulated: was all the killing and destruction really necessary when you supposedly have smart weapons that can target and destroy targets with surgical precision?. Or is there a subtle but clear and ominous message being sent to Syria and Iran at the fatal expense of the innocent? You decide!

Friday, July 14, 2006

ZIDANE OR MATERAZZI? Which one is lying? The answer should be obvious.

Zidane's Headshot

Admittedly, I am not that great of a soccer fan, nor am I an avid fan of any sport, per se. I definitely enjoy a good boxing match. But seldom, do I sit in front of the televison viewing an entire sporting event of any type.
Usually, I watch only the last minutes of sporting events.However, since I was in Europe during the World Soccer games, I indulged in a few moments of watching some parts of the playoffs and, of course the final competition between France and Italy. Mind you, I went back and forth. But I was watching the last fifteen minutes or so and saw Zinedine Zidane give Marco Materazzi the perfect head butt, just like a two ton stallion bull. It was beautiful. No, it was magnificent! Not passing judgement or taking sides, I will acknowledge, I was impressed with Zidane’s toughness and relentlessness on the field. But more so watching how he turned around and perfectly planting his feet and body and head into a carefully calculated positioning of his feet to make the powerful blow with the head to Materazzi’s chest, which caused his prey to fall backwards on his asno.

Both men are to appear before the FIFA, Federation Internationale de Football Association, sometime this month in Switzerland, and each is required to submit in writing a statement explaining exactly what took place to cause Zidane to react in the violent manner in which he did. I know it will be tough to determine who is or is not telling the truth, shading the truth or-simply-outright lying. Listening to news reports of the explanations given by both men, I will stick my neck out based on years of reading body languages, questioning people during investigations, coupled with that reliable gut feeling, I would say it is relatively easy for the association to reach a conclusion with a minimum of 99% accuracy. How? Well here is how. It gets down to believability and plausibility .

Zidane says with just ten minutes left in the game, Materazzi made derogatory comments that were insulting to his mother and sister. And the insults were made on three occasions during the game. Zidane refused to elaborate on precisely what was said. As such, he lashed out on the third insult with bullish force. During his carefully orchestrated interview a few days later on television, he asked forgiveness of the children watching, but refused to express sorrow for his actions. To do so would be forgiving Materazzi for what he had said.

Now, Materazzi admits he threw insults at Zidane, but denies making disparaging comments about Zidane’s mother and sister, or any racial slurs, or calling Zidane a terrorist-which had been reported as one of the possible infractions based on expert lip readers(?).

Please read carefully, because here is where Materazzi trips up. This is where the believability principle really kicks in and shoots holes through his unbelievable illogical explanations. He was quoted as stating: "I never called Zidane a terrorist, and besides I don’t even know what a terrorist is.” Where has he been, on Mars or Pluto? Second, Materazzi added that “ Zidane is my hero.” Oh, really? First, anyone who is as famous as Materazzi and doesn’t know what a terrorist is today, and being potentially subject to kidnaping and terrorist acts due to his position in Italian society and the world, is simply being disingenuous and straight out lying.

Second, the Commission should pose on him a few pertinent and relevant and poignant questions: "Mr Materazzi, you have stated publicly that Mr Zidane is your hero. Correct? Materazzi will have to answer with an emphatic "yes," quite naturaly, because they will be quoting his exact words. "Well then, if what you say is true, is it only a natural and reasonable and logical conclusion to say that no one would deliberately insult someone whom he or she considers being their hero as you have admitted to doing?" "Do you want this association to believe Mr Zidane is actually your hero? At that point, I would speculate that Materazzi will either be completely mum, or start giving a more unbelievable explanations to get himself out of the hole, he dug for himself. And so, I will say my speculation is both plausible and feasible.

Although both men will more-likely-than-not be penalized, the question is, what will the degree of culpability, proportionally speaking, assigned to each footballer, respectively? I say Matserazzi should bear the greater burden. What do you say?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

IRAQ INSURGENCY IS BIGGER THAN AL-ZARQAWI OR BIN LADEN! Zarqawi met his fate as destiny willed it. But let’s not fool ourselves.

A Globe and Mail Photo ( A Globe and Mail Photo)

Yes, famed terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi met his fate as destiny willed it to be. But let’s not fool ourselves for one moment. True, both al-Zaqawi and Osama bin Laden are categorized as great strategists and tacticians, respectively. However, the movement transcends their symbolic images and physical leadership. When one looks at the vast amounts of instructions and booklets and video tapes al-Qaeda and Islamic groups have distributed on how to wage terrorist warfare, al-Qaeda warriors of today and those of tomorrow will experience no shortages of materials to guide them, indefinitely.

As in any movement, struggle or war, there will be setbacks and glorified victories from each side, in respect to the killing of al-Zarqawi. But we must not forget, al-Qaeda is comprised of groups of dedicated warriors that have pledged their support to al-Qaeda and its cause until their last dying breath- and even beyond. My understanding is there are groups aligned with al-Qaeda in practically every country on this green earth, whether formerly or by happenstance. They all believe in Bin Laden’s message. And there are even groups of individuals, referred to as “sleeper cells,” with specific agendas, waiting for the right moment in time to make their move; patiently and covertly, but with focused and deadly determination.

Thus, they have their marching orders already, irregardless whether their principal leaders live or die. As such, the death of al-Zarqawi can only embolden others that are more than willing to step up to the plate and take charge to try and make a name for themselves, and go down in history as being heroic in fighting the infidels, as they refer to the West.
And as the US Administration and prominent military leaders have been quick to note, the struggle against terrorism (as they coin it) or the insurgency in Iraq is a long way from being won. If it can be won? But I’ll leave that issue for another time.

Recently, ABC News reported, among other media, that the Taliban in Afghanistan are even more stronger than thought. They have had time to observe, find new funding, and to train and formulate their strategies. Hearing this revelation and trying to apply a practical, responsible, non-blinded, worldly approach with an open, unbias and realistic mind set, I became teary eyed, finding myself making an imaginary-sincere-eye-awakening inquisitional plea to my country’s ill-guided leaders, by posing specific and well thoughtout questions:

Mr president and Congressman, how long can the great USA go on fighting the entire world, or the “Long War,” as it is now defined by policy makers? Why must you continue to think our way (ideology, political system, etc.) is the only way, or we know best? Is it a mental disease which motivates you all in believing the USA must "tame" the rest of the inferior and unsophisticated world, as you see it in your western minds? Why do you think the US can and should right wrong wherever wrong exists, when you still haven’t cleaned up your own act right here at home? Can’t you understand the USA has limited resources? Don’t you realize it is operating on borrowed money, and borrowed time as well? What compels you to persist in prolonging an abysmal-deficit-spending-addiction without understanding the inevitable serious long term and irreversible consequences? Mr President and Congressmen, are you too myopically blind to see that our infrastructures "all across the land" are in dire need of repairs? Are you unaware, or do you care, that many of our people don’t have health or dental insurance? And last but not least, can’t you all sense the US American citizenry becoming weary and impatient with having thier sons, daughter, husbands, wives and fellow countrymen killed for unworthy ans self-righteous causes? And to keep on funding ill-conceived, misguided, fabricated and wasteful wars based on lies and deceit and greed that are promoted by self-indulging politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats, business executives, and hypocritical draft dodgers? Don’t you think the American public’s trust and endurance should have grown rebelliously thin by now? Again, do you care? Now back down to the real world.

Clearly, the raw truth of reality and hard-to-face fact is that the al-Zarqawis of the world can be killed every single day. But until governments on all seven continents make necessary bold and significant changes in policy, direction and diplomacy which will foster much needed improvements in social and economic conditions, coupled with fair justice systems based on rules of law, things will continue on and on as they are currently. If not, the results and consequences will be the production of new al-Zarqawis every day-somehere- that will be even more bitter, determined, violent and terroristic than al-Zarqawi.
Just look at the Gaza Strip, on this very day. WAKE UP WORLD, CHANGE YOUR UNCARING-EVIL WAYS !