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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ISRAEL'S ONSLAUGHT: BIRTH PANGS OF DEMOCRACY SAYS RICE? Try explaining that to the wounded and dead!


Yesterday morning BBC radio News-4 reported that Madam Condelezza Rice, US Secretary of State, declared that the casualities we are witnessing as a result of Israel's onslaught on the Lebanese peoples in its campaign to eradicate Hezbulla, are “pangs ” of the birth of a new Middle East or new democracy; referring to Lebanon.

As pointed out in BLOG, "Similar statements were made just before the total destruction of Iraq and the killing of about 250000 Iraqi not to mention continuing suffering till this day." Maybe true, maybe slightly exagerated.

But birth Pangs? Try telling that to the men, women and children that are unfortunately caught in the inescapeable middle of this needless destruction and
mayhem. I suppose the killing of the innocents is God’s will, as seen in the eyes of the powers to be. But actually it is simply man's inhumanity to man? By the way, does Ms Rice or Mr Bush have any family members or children in the war zone? It's easy to disassociate ones feelings, when one is not directly affected or none of their family members are either. What we are really witnessing are the dynamics of legacy building in motion at the expense of the weak and helpless.

Additionally, BBC Radio News-4 reported this morning that a high Israel official stated last evening that Madam Rice's visit to Israel is merely a stalling tatic to allow more time for Israel to complete its objectives. And the introduction of a plan to install a peace keeping force is just a cover as well, because activating such a force will take months.

Thus, in the mean time, just let the maiming, killing, slaughtering and destruction continue for sake of achieving the New Middle East Order as envisioned by Western imperialistic and colonial powers. No one can convincel me that God, if there is one, condones such heartless inhumanity to accomplish nation building or to install democracy.


Many questions come to mind, most remain unanswered, and some cannot be explained in common-sense terms. So I go on scratching my head and wondering how can supposedly inelligent, highly educated and capable peoplebe so inhumanely wrong?


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