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Sunday, July 30, 2006

SECRETARY RICE AND PRIME MINISTER OLMERT: The carnage that's taking place in Lebanon is no smiling matter!

(photo: Reuters)

I understand cordiality, protocol and the term ally. And I also understand the meaning of photo opt (opportunity) for the media and the world as a whole.

However, the jovial demeanor shown by the US secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert when they met at the Prime Minister's residency in Jerusalem on July 29, 2006, in my opinion was quite unbecoming and totally out of place due to the gravity of the crisis taking place in Lebanon with so many innocent civilians being killed by Israeli bombs.
Yes, I would feel the same sense of outrage if I were to see Lebanese officials or Hizbullah members acting in a similar manner.

It would seem those that are charged with trying to negotiate an agreement of such great magnitude to stop the fighting and resulting carnage on both sides, would show some kind of sincerity in the manner in which they present themselves before the public. They should understand it is of the utmost importance to demonstrate to the world through the projection of their personal persona that they are indeed serious about trying to effectuate a mutually agreed plan to halt the fighting and to save innocent lives.

Just imagine the message being interpreted by the Lebanese populace that are immediately affected by the on-going destruction when they see the very people that hold their fate pretty much in their hands, looking as if they are meeting to discuss issues of less significance and urgency, or simply on a holiday. Or that they just met to put on a show, but could really care less about preventing more bloodshed and misery. It would have been more convincing had the two dignitaries expressed somewhat of a "melancholy" mood due the inherent nature of their meeting.

The picture speaks for itself. And what it says doesn't bode well for the image of the Secretary of State and that of the Prime Minister, respectively and collectively, who are the ones that influence and make life and death decisions, unquestionably. The message I get when I view the photo doesn't give me a feeling of assurance, and it certainly doesn't project a positive sign that says "we really do care." No doubt the Lebanese peoples are feeling the same way. You decide!


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