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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TIGER WOODS: A real man shows the entire world how to be human!

(Photos: BBC News, Baltimore Sun, and Metro)

Tiger woods retained his British Open at Hoylake on Sunday. After winning and walking off the green, he exhibited genuine emotion while paying tribute to his late father Earl, who passed away last May.

Tiger showed tears with dignity, poise, grace and style. He demonstrated to the whole world that it's alright for a real man to shed tears. His unrestrained discomposure and tense facial expressions stated quite eloquently, without words: "Although I am a super star, still I'm only human. And I don't mind showing the world that I am."

Unquestionably, Tiger is the epitome of what a son should be because he definitely displayed respect and admiration and gratitude towards his father while he was alive, and is doing so in death as well.

A truly remarkable and exemplary father and son relationship that warrants emulation by fathers and sons all over the globe. We all love you Tiger. And you too Earl, for a superb job-well done. Whereever you are, no doubt you are smiling. May your soul rest in peace.


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