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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

IRAQ INSURGENCY IS BIGGER THAN AL-ZARQAWI OR BIN LADEN! Zarqawi met his fate as destiny willed it. But let’s not fool ourselves.

A Globe and Mail Photo ( A Globe and Mail Photo)

Yes, famed terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi met his fate as destiny willed it to be. But let’s not fool ourselves for one moment. True, both al-Zaqawi and Osama bin Laden are categorized as great strategists and tacticians, respectively. However, the movement transcends their symbolic images and physical leadership. When one looks at the vast amounts of instructions and booklets and video tapes al-Qaeda and Islamic groups have distributed on how to wage terrorist warfare, al-Qaeda warriors of today and those of tomorrow will experience no shortages of materials to guide them, indefinitely.

As in any movement, struggle or war, there will be setbacks and glorified victories from each side, in respect to the killing of al-Zarqawi. But we must not forget, al-Qaeda is comprised of groups of dedicated warriors that have pledged their support to al-Qaeda and its cause until their last dying breath- and even beyond. My understanding is there are groups aligned with al-Qaeda in practically every country on this green earth, whether formerly or by happenstance. They all believe in Bin Laden’s message. And there are even groups of individuals, referred to as “sleeper cells,” with specific agendas, waiting for the right moment in time to make their move; patiently and covertly, but with focused and deadly determination.

Thus, they have their marching orders already, irregardless whether their principal leaders live or die. As such, the death of al-Zarqawi can only embolden others that are more than willing to step up to the plate and take charge to try and make a name for themselves, and go down in history as being heroic in fighting the infidels, as they refer to the West.
And as the US Administration and prominent military leaders have been quick to note, the struggle against terrorism (as they coin it) or the insurgency in Iraq is a long way from being won. If it can be won? But I’ll leave that issue for another time.

Recently, ABC News reported, among other media, that the Taliban in Afghanistan are even more stronger than thought. They have had time to observe, find new funding, and to train and formulate their strategies. Hearing this revelation and trying to apply a practical, responsible, non-blinded, worldly approach with an open, unbias and realistic mind set, I became teary eyed, finding myself making an imaginary-sincere-eye-awakening inquisitional plea to my country’s ill-guided leaders, by posing specific and well thoughtout questions:

Mr president and Congressman, how long can the great USA go on fighting the entire world, or the “Long War,” as it is now defined by policy makers? Why must you continue to think our way (ideology, political system, etc.) is the only way, or we know best? Is it a mental disease which motivates you all in believing the USA must "tame" the rest of the inferior and unsophisticated world, as you see it in your western minds? Why do you think the US can and should right wrong wherever wrong exists, when you still haven’t cleaned up your own act right here at home? Can’t you understand the USA has limited resources? Don’t you realize it is operating on borrowed money, and borrowed time as well? What compels you to persist in prolonging an abysmal-deficit-spending-addiction without understanding the inevitable serious long term and irreversible consequences? Mr President and Congressmen, are you too myopically blind to see that our infrastructures "all across the land" are in dire need of repairs? Are you unaware, or do you care, that many of our people don’t have health or dental insurance? And last but not least, can’t you all sense the US American citizenry becoming weary and impatient with having thier sons, daughter, husbands, wives and fellow countrymen killed for unworthy ans self-righteous causes? And to keep on funding ill-conceived, misguided, fabricated and wasteful wars based on lies and deceit and greed that are promoted by self-indulging politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats, business executives, and hypocritical draft dodgers? Don’t you think the American public’s trust and endurance should have grown rebelliously thin by now? Again, do you care? Now back down to the real world.

Clearly, the raw truth of reality and hard-to-face fact is that the al-Zarqawis of the world can be killed every single day. But until governments on all seven continents make necessary bold and significant changes in policy, direction and diplomacy which will foster much needed improvements in social and economic conditions, coupled with fair justice systems based on rules of law, things will continue on and on as they are currently. If not, the results and consequences will be the production of new al-Zarqawis every day-somehere- that will be even more bitter, determined, violent and terroristic than al-Zarqawi.
Just look at the Gaza Strip, on this very day. WAKE UP WORLD, CHANGE YOUR UNCARING-EVIL WAYS !


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