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Monday, July 31, 2006

"U.S. TOLD US [NOT TO STOP] THE BOMBING:" Says Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom!

(Photo: yahoo Images)

During a BBC Radio 4 News interview with Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom this morning, July 31, 2006, the Foreign Minister was asked why the Israelis would not accept a cease fire or at least have allowed civilians to leave areas being bombed, early on in the campaign to eradicate Hizballah from southern Lebanon. The Prime Minister stated: “we wanted to stop a week ago, but the Americans told us not to; that we should continue.”

This new revelation of admission, is not surprising because of the “forked tongue”being displayed by the U.S. Administration. Thus, saying one thing in public before the cameras, while saying another behind the scenes. That happens all the time on the diplomatic stage. However, in this particular case, innocent men, women and children were being slaughtered almost every single dreadful day, when in fact-just possibly-many lives could have been saved had a temporary cessation of bombing occurred. The Qana atrocity is just one recent example.

If what Foreign Minister Shalom says is true, then is it not reasonable to conclude that responsibility for the callous lost of innocent civilian lives should not only be placed at the Israelis’ front door steps, but at the U.S.’ as well due to its complicity and behind the scenes duplicitous actions? And will anyone, which I believe will eventually happen, include the U.S. along side Israel with a charge of war crimes? We all must answer for the choices we make. And not even a "SUPER POWER" or its leaders should be an exception. The irrefutable evidence is clear!

A FINAL AGONIZING-HEARTBREAKING-REALITY-CHECK QUESTION: How can such a great and wonderful nation as the United States of American, produce such callous, jaded and incompetent leaders? Uhmmm, an interesting BLOG topic; for another day though-and soon.


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