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Friday, March 10, 2006


KUDOS! KUDOS! To the will of the people, which has rightfully prevailed. And to CNN's Lou Dobbs and staff, and to a handful of our Congressional officials (representatives Dennis Hastert, Peter King, Duncan Hunter, Robert Menendez, Bill Young, and others not named) . The people have spoken, the representative leaders listened, although slowly, and Dubai Ports ( DP) World and the White House saw the light. Undoubtedly, there were behind the scenes manuvering by the Administration to find a way to get out from under the storm that was brewing, and to convince DP World that to continue trying to salvage the deal would only create more torrential weather within the beltway and througout the country, as a whole. DP World is to be commended for its forsight and wise business acumen; seriously.

Now, it is high time for our leaders to author a strong bill-and pass it-which will require all ports, as well as all other vital securtity assets of this nation, to be controlled and operated "only" by legitimate U.S. companies that are trustworthy, reliable and capable. To all you patriotic citizens, including myself, that let your dissatisfaction be known to the powers to be, I say: Kudos! Kudos! A job well done! Stay true to your core beliefs, and remain viligant.


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