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Thursday, March 09, 2006

WHAT'S REALLY DRIVING THE UAE PORTS DEAL? Why A Veto Threat? Veterans,Where Are You?

Looking at the news last week and hearing President Bush threaten to "veto" any legislative efforts to debunk the deal to place six U.S. ports under opertaional control of DP World, a majority held ownership of the United Arab Emirates government, I couldn't help wondering just what was and is driving this "line in the sand" attitude and position the President has so arrogantly taken. So I asked myself: "Why would the President want to take on a fight not just with democrats, but with top members of his own party especially over a transaction involving issues of national security, and especially with a company owned primarily by a foreign nation that would operate our ports? I didn't see that same enthusiasm when the United Air Line's sale to China was overridden by the Congress. I wonder why? Were there promises made with a guarantee to deliver?

I am personally incensed. And speaking for other military veterans that I know and served with, coupled with others I've had the pleasure of talking with about the UAE transaction, there are expressions of dismay, anger, and outrage. As such, I don't think I'm being presumptious in speaking for the majority of military veterans and more-likely-than-not, active duty personnel as well, when I say someone needs to stress to the President that "we" military veterans didn't put our lives on the line, as our active military personnel are now bravely doing, for him to contract six of our sea ports-or more-out to an Arab company that emanates from a country that has questionable links-whether real or perceived-to terrorist organizations and still recognizes the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afganistan. Mr President, this transaction is no less than an arrogant insult to all the dedicated men and women currently serving and fighting, those that have sustained injuries, and the millions that have died in defense of this great nation.

No doubt veterans need to speak out both loud and clear. And if necessary, veterans all across this nation should initiate a "PEACEFUL MARCH" on Washington, shoulder-to-shoulder, united-as-one, and say: "Stop selling off America, Mr president!" 'And where is the oversight, Congressmen?" Enough is enough? God save our great nation from those that purport to be our leaders and caretakers!


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