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Saturday, March 11, 2006

PRESIDENT BUSH'S RADIO ADDRESS: Saturday, March 11, 2006

President Bush gave his usual Saturday radio address this morning focusing on the Iraq war,and informing listeners about his strategy to keep concerned citizens informed about the situation this country is currently facing with the on-going insurgency that's causing havoc in Iraq. I listened attentively. And I couldn't help but feel he was simply reading the written words without genuine feelings that corresponded to the message he was attempting to convey. I thought to myself: "He is just going through the motions; fullfilling his presidential duties." Today's address seemed so superficial. He appeared hurried, anxious to end the speech, and definitely not as confident and as well assuring as he has been in the past. The President's voice sounded like a man who was tired, wary and despondent. Something was definitely lacking. Could his apparent despondency be because of the low poll ratings he is receiving due to loss of confidence on part of the public which is based on their dissatisfaction with the way he is conducting the war? Or that the people have finally wised up to the fear tactic rhetoric the Administration has been spewing out for the last three years? Perhaps, it's partly because he knows the Iraq war is not really being won as the American public is being told? The latest Zogby poll indicates that even the rank-in-file troops fighting the war are also starting to question why is the U.S. still in Iraq? (See pollster John Zogby's posting dated March 1,2006: ReadClips.dbm?ID=12734

Bottom line, is I felt sad, but not surprised. Because I knew from the inception the Iraq invasion was ill conceived, unnecessary and that the post war results would not be the "slam dunk" as the initial invasion was, due to the simple fact the Iraqi military didn't put up a massive fight as coailation forces moved into Bagdad proper. I stated to a couple of my ex-military buddies, that the elite units of the Iraqi armed forces would sooner or later resurface to engage our forces in guerilla warfare. And that prediction has come to pass, clearly. I also stated it was a grave mistake to disband those units of the iraqi military that remained in tack after the invasion. That observation also became a reality, in that the coailation has recalled or rehired various high ranking members of Sadam's officer corps. Some people have even stated, wittedly with a touch of seriousness, that Sadam should be put back in charge, because the country as a whole was never in such disarray under his rule. The way things are going, perhaps, that's not a bad idea; irregardless of how rediculous it may seem. Could it be the President, Mr Bush, is wondering the same? And do the intonations in his voice correspond accordingly to how he actually feels inside-even though he tries desperately to mask his true feelings? You Decide!


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