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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FRAUD/SCAM ALERT! Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd,

To ALL STSW READERS :Please be advised that Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd, has been carefully investigated by a reputable investigation agency in the UK and has been found to be non-existence as a legitimate business entity. The Site,, is hosted by which is a Chinese Government Web site for which the primary objective is to supposedly bring sellers buyers and prospective customers together to effectuate business transactions. Please beware, especially potential customers, that Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd is nothing but a fraud and scam. Click the above address that is a direct link to the fraudulent Site for immediate viewing of prices that are too good to be true. Be a smart,careful and alert shopper. I comment, you decide!
CALL THE SCUMBAG(S) TO GIVE A PIECE OF YOUR MIND-A Mr Darrell Tan(?): Phone : ‎+44 7035921020; Fax : ‎+44 8704718961

Dear Carlos,
We have made enquiries with regards to Multi-System Electronics Company, Ltd, Diamond Court, Douglas Close, Preston Farm Business Park
Stockton On Tees, Cleveland TS18 3SB, United Kingdom.
Diamond Court is a small section of the larger Preston Farm Business Park. In Diamond Court itself there are only 5 business units and I have made enquiries with all of them.
I could not find any business by that name at this location. None of the business owners I have spoken to have heard of this business and none have ever heard of Darrel Tan.
There is no trace of the business as a Limited Company with our UK Companies House.
The phone number 44 7035921020 is actually a UK cell phone number.
My thoughts are that things are probably not what they seem with this "company" and, based on the intelligence we have gathered, I would be reluctant to do business with them .
I hope this helps.
Kind Regards


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