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Thursday, November 02, 2006


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I watched Senator John Kerry's (D-Mass) heated and pointed news conference day-before-yesterday in response to the Republican’s allegation that he had insulted military servicemen and women with his off-the-wall, botched joke comments while appearing before a college audience in California this past Monday: The senator stated: “If you don't study hard and do your homework, you might “get-stuck-in Iraq.” His comment should have been, objectively, categorized as wise motivational advice for young college students. But his timing was off both in delivery and in a frantic cut-throat political climate. An atmosphere where the opposition party (both Democrats and Republicans) are just like unrelenting vultures circling over head
and foxes watching the chicken coup, patiently waiting for their prey to make a mistake (minor or major) so they can seize the moment to twist words, apply new meaning and interpretation for sole purpose of gaining political leverage. The end justifies the means, is their hidden agenda and a-moral mantra.

In my objective-independent voter opinion, Kerry was right to issue and apology to those who may have misunderstood his true intentions. And he was “also right” in his attempted humorous-advisory comment.

It is a well established fact, with documented historical proof, that those who are less educated and less fortunate and disenfranchised within the US society, or any society for that matter, have less choices in life. As such, they are the ones most likely to enlist in their country’s armed forces for economic reasons, or to simply better themselves. Look at all the enticements being thrown their way by recruiters and in advertisements from all branches of the armed forces. What communities and groups are their primary targets? Those attention getters have no meaning to those young men and women that come from affluent families.
Whether we are talking about an all volunteer force or during times of conscription, this is a reality; decade after decade, generation after generation.

Even when there is a compulsory draft, those that are wealthy, well connected and better educated, can find a way out of entering military service. I am excluding, of course, those well-off, rich folk that may apply for entrance into the “prestigious” military academies. However, during times of war, even many of them will try to use their political and military connections and persuasions to avoid being assigned to the front lines of battle.

Prime examples, are President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Allegedly, Bush was not sent to Viet Nam because of family connections. And reportedly, Cheney was able to get several deferments from being drafted because he was in college. It isn’t one hundred percent fact whether family connections played a role in either of those decisions or not, respectively. But the bottom line is that Bush nor Cheney stepped up to the plate when their country sounded a trumpeting clarion call for them to render themselves for unconditional service. And as the saying goes: In every rumor, there lies a thread of truth.” The entire Nation and the Republicans are quite aware of both Senator Kerry's exemplary military and Senate records, knowing clearly that he did not "cut-and-run" when duty called.

Probably any other time, Kerry’s remarks would have more likely been overlooked since everyone is aware he is not a good story teller, nor a humorist or comedian? But this critical time was different, in that crucial mid-term elections are just several days away. Was the senators’s gaffe an October gift to the Republicans? I doubt it. But we will all know by next Wednesday morning as to whether US American voters are so vulnerable to allow one senator’s blundering remarks to influence them in taking their eyes and minds off the real issues confronting their country. I doubt they will be so myopic and closed minded. A miraculous gift the Republicans are hoping for in the end. You decide!.

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