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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CHENEY SHOULD RESIGN ALONG WITH RUMSFELD: The Vice-President is just as responsible for failed Iraq policy as Rumsfeld; if not more!

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First, I can't help but gloat a little with pride because in my previous post: “REPUBLICANS: IT'S NOT JUST IRAQ, STUPID! THERE ARE A HOST OF OTHER ISSUES THAT MATTER.” I was right in citing a number of concerns the voting public had on their mind during this mid-term election. And one of the biggest issues was corruption, just as I had projected. To many people, the culture of corruption, coupled with blatant arrogance, was just too much to stomach for another term with the Republicans. So I shall remain optimistic, and give the Democrats the benefit of doubt to see what they do in overseeing either one or both Houses of Congress. But being an independent, I remain cynical and suspicious of both parties, almost equally.

Now back to my primary basis for writing this post.
I strongly believe, as I have for at least two years or more, that Vice-President Cheney should resign. Principally because he was one of the staunch neo-conservatives that got the US into the ill-conceived Iraq war in the first place. His influence over the President, unquestionably, played a significant role in the ultimate decision to invade Iraq. Thus, Cheney must go too! Many have speculated that he is the “evil behind the curtain running the show anyway.” Is he? Personally, I don't believe Rumsfeld is or was the central problem when it came to executing the war. He was given an almost impossibe task to accomplish. Even with a much larger military presence in Iraq from the outset, the situation would more likely have been unmanageable.

But if President Bush is serious about doing what is best for the Nation, then he will replace Cheney as well. For Cheney, to a great extent, can be categorized as a Rumsfeld clone since they have worked together for many years both in the present and in the past. And have similar, if not identical, views on central issues involving foreign policy and military strategy. As such, he and Rumsfeld probably have a lot of similar characteristic when it comes to intellectual interpretation and making cognitive decisions.

For example, their collusive behind-the-scenes undermining tactics and maneuvering during this Administration has resulted in making the secretary of state’s position practically nothing more than just a body filling a seat; due to the so-called Rumsfeld and Cheney Cabal. Just talk to former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Had the President listened to the wise counsel of retired General and Secretary Powell, instead of Cheney and cohorts, he wouldn’t have gotten himself and the Country into such an untenable situation as the Iraq fiasco.

Hence, the President should provide Cheney a one-way ticket out of Washington D.C., simultaneously with his sacrificial lamb, Donald Rumsfeld, so they can leave together and remain in lockstep as they are known to have served and governed. Plus, if Vice-president Cheney was an honorable man, he would offer his resignation now, whether the President wanted to accept it or not. A new direction can only be achieved in its entirety if members of the "old guard" are no longer on board. If Mr Bush is truly serious in his pronouncement of wanting to get fresh perspectives on his Iraq war strategy, then he should force Mr Cheney to step down without hesitation. That would not only be the most practical and right thing to do, but would assure US citizens he really means what he says when stating he wants to take a new and cooperative directional course. You decide!

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