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Thursday, September 14, 2006

LINDA CHAVEZ: SHAME, SHAME ON YOU! For being more concerned about politics and winning elections than saving U.S. military lives.

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PRFACE: This post was inspired by Linda's September 18, 2006 Yahoo News Opinion article, excerpted: .......... "With an election just around the corner, the president has some tough choices. .......Or he can do what is necessary to win the war, which means sending more troops to Iraq. History will not be kind if he chooses the former."

First, I like Linda, because she is a New Mexican. I spent quite a few years serving in the military in New Mexico, and I still have fond memories and much respect for the citizens of that state. And I enjoy reading Linda's writings as well. Whether she is right or wrong, I respect her for taking positions on controversial and heated issues of the day.

But I am absolutely astounded at the fact that Linda hasn't grown after all these years of being on the Washington scene, into a woman that is not only practical, reasonable and one that can face reality, but someone that places the interest of this Nation and its military men and women above "politics and winning elections." It's always easy for those sitting on the sidelines, who probably have not served one day in the military, to urge those in power to commit more troops into harms way for a War that was totally unnecessary, based on lies and deception, which has been badly mismanaged-as she now correctly and belatedly admits. A condition that continues to worsen day-by-day, with our troops being caught up in an unstoppable civil war; despite the Adminsitration's wanton contravening denials.
Congressman John Murtha is right, just as most Americans are now realizing, in that the War on terror is in Afghanistan and we should turn over defense and protection of Iraq to the Iraqis without delay, not cut-and-run, but organized and carefully calculated-time wise. And move on to putting the USA first, coupled with a significant change in foreign policy. Let the peoples of Iraq determine their own destiny, without having one imposed on them by the West,
or by the USA. or by the USA-specifically.
Linda, don't you and the William "Bill" Krystols get it?
The peoples of the Middle East or tired of the West dictating to them and controlling their lands. Take a close look at history. This is a brand new day, an ever evolving era. The USA has to recognize that fact, just as most European leaders are now doing. It is clear Bin Laden or al Qaeda doesn't hate the USA simply because of its wealth and geographical location, but because of its policies and attempt to dominate the world-especially Islamic countries-and support of despotic royal regimes. Only blind followers would advocate a different perspective.

We as Americans must stop believing that those who disagree with current Administration policies are unpatriotic or stupid. Linda, a true patriot is one that will ask hard questions of government officials, and challenge them to do better at a higher moral and ethical level; than simply disingenuously putting spin on serious matters that affect us all and continuing down an endless-spiraling path of mistake-after-mistake, abysmally.

Furthermore, don't forget that the ongoing insurgency in Iraq is being led, primarily, by Iraqi former military officers and Saddam Hussein loyalists; which should be looked at separately in relationship to whether U.S.forces should stay or leave, than the actual terrorism or civil war that are now reaping havoc on the peoples of Iraq.

One last question, please, Ms Chavez: Are the peoples of Iraq, as a whole, better off today as far as having to experience constant mayhem and chaos, than they were before the invasion of March 2003? The clear answer is not simply no, but "hell" no. Last but not least, Linda, I doubt if this brief lesson will change your mind being the staunch committed conservative that you are. But I will admit, you have definitely soften your positions over the years in some areas; which shows some progress at least. There is hope yet.Thank God!

As the old adage goes: "Despite your faults,I love you still;" metaphorically. And yes, because you are a New Mexican, foremost.

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