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Saturday, September 09, 2006

FOX NEWS CHANNEL’S HAWKS: Not as hawkish and arrogantly supportive of Bush policies as before! An Epiphany? Did reality set in?

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I noticed on the Neil Cavuto’ show this morning, Fox News Channel, as he interviewed Congressman

Barney Frank (D) of Massachusetts, that he was more of a respectful listener than he has been in the past when I saw some of his interviews.
I vividly recall how he used to jump to the defense of the Administration in a combative manner, as if he was a member of the Bush team assigned to the White House staff.

Similarly, I have seen pretty much the same type change in attitude and humility with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, host of the popular show, The Factor. Just the other day, I watched O’Reilly offering the Democrats advice on what campaign strategies and tactics they should employ if they really want to defeat the Republicans in this November’s general elections. Now that is a new one. But he appeared to be genuinely well meaning.

Admittedly, I can’t and don’t watch each and every telecast. But those I have seen on occasions, in particularly Cavuto and O’Reilly, show “some” of the Hawks to be more reserved and cautious about lending their unconditional support to the President and his flawed policies.

What is the bottom line? Why the apparent change? No doubt, “some” of FOX News Channel’s Hawks have seen the errors of their ways, and cannot zealously support as before the blatant mistakes and miscalculations in foreign policy that the Administration has made, and continues to make almost daily in the name of fighting terrorism. Not only in the case with the tragic mishandling of the Iraq fiasco, but the Middle East Policy in general.

This was evident, especially, during the Israelis massive-disproportionate bombing of Lebanon’s infrastructures, coupled with the slaughter of many innocent Lebanese citizens. When the Bush Administration refused to call for an immediate cease fire, practically, the entire world was aghast at the callousness of the Administration’s inhumane non-diplomatic approach. But how could the Administration demand an abrupt cease fire of Israel, when it had given the “green light” to go ahead with its campaign in Lebanon to effectuate a proxy war on behalf of th USA. Perhaps, the Hawks were not privy to that tidbit of important and relevant news item. Were they left out of the insiders' informtion sharing loop?

I suppose “some” of the most vociferous Hawks have finally come to face reality, in that they realized they couldn’t support such wide scale mayhem that was occurring in Lebanon, and at the same time condemn the terrorists in Iraq for their random and indiscriminate killing of Iraqi citizens along with U.S. military personnel. One can now see on their faces, respectively, a demeanor reflecting a bit of humility, melancholy, tolerance, respect and less defiance and in your face arrogance that was so prevalent day in and day out on Fox News. At times their approach was down right intimidating to some guests, with their out right admonishments of “I dare you challenge or question the President.”

Even if the Hawks have had an experience of epiphany, they will never say “you all were right all along and we were wrong” to those whom they openly and viciously criticized, humiliated and even accused of being unpatriotic at times. Obviously they have come to the clear conclusion that the Administration has simply not lived up to all the hype that they spewed out, whether it be the WMDs or the present War in Iraq. And that the Hawks avid, and unconditional-blind support, is no longer warranted nor deserved. You decide!


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