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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

STEVE IRWIN- THE CROCODILE HUNTER: Does his tragic death vindicate critics?

(Photos: Google Images and The Times/UK)

I remember a couple years ago when Steve Irwin was shown on television holding his son in his arms while taunting a crocodile during a show in front of an audience and cameras, January of 2004 in Brisbane, Australia.

This image of an apparent thoughtless and careless fatherly act was compared to that of Michael Jackson dangling his infant son over a hotel balcony for fans to see while visiting Berlin, Germany in November of 2002. Michael received worldwide condemnation.

Just as Jackson was severely admonished forwhat appeared to many as a senseless act of putting his son’s life in harm's way, Steve also felt the wrath of public outrage. And he too, like Jackson, responded vociferously and defensively. His paraphrased Michael Jackson’s echo was: “I' m a caring father and I would never do anything to place my son’s life in jeopardy. I know these animals like the back of my hands,” and so on. Yea right! Forgetting that anyone can misjudge, miscalculate or simply, make a mistake. And that animals are unpredictable-just like humans.

The circus world is a prime example of things going awry when dealing with captive wildlife animals that still-basically-are primitive by natural instinct.

And so, while on a filming assignment-down under-in Australia, Steve met his fate from an unlikely nemesis, as The Times-UK reported-Tuesday September 5, 2006. Hearing of his death saddened me because I truly enjoyed his television series , with his jovial, carefree, I ‘m not afraid attitude, and crazy antics. But he-seemingly- tested his bravery to the limits one time too many.

Reportedly, Steve came up against a smooth stingray fish, Dasyatis brevicaudata, one which is placid, rarely attacks except when frighten or threatened, and only stings in defense, normally. The stingray pierced Steve’s heart with its poisonous barb tip while swimming in shallow Australian waters, purportedly, reported The Times. No one gave an accurate account as to precisely what happened. And to protect his daring reputation from his critics, especially, I doubt if his handlers or producer will provide an exact scenario for the heartfelt public and media. But if the stingray normally doesn’t sting unless when threaten, it would not be a stretch of the imagination nor reckless speculation to surmise that more-likely-than-not, Steve probably challenged the fish in his playful manner, and to his own detriment.

Recalling how he would challenge animals on his shows, doesn’t leave much doubt. His critics are probably saying: “I knew it would happen eventually.” Or I told you so! He pushed his luck too far.” But I suppose none of his critics are happy that their words have come true. Too bad, for his family, in particularly, and worldwide fans as a whole.
Steve was a consummate environmentalist, a caring and loving husband and father and a dedicated protector of animals. Foremost, he was a great entertainer as well.

But still his critics had valid reasons to criticize, warn, admonish and to give pause. As the saying goes: "Only time will tell." You decide!


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