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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

LIEBERMAN’S PRIMARY LOSS: Is this the beginning of a national trend ? Let’s hope so!

(Photos: Google & Reuters)

Three-term Senator Joseph Lieberman’s rejection yesterday by Connecticut voters could and should be the beginning of a trend that will resonate all across the U.S.A. Senator Lieberman has for too long been, in my opinion, a “fence straddler,” taking the popular position for whichever way the wind blows at any given time. His arrogant and continued misguided support for the Iraq War- especially after learning the War was based on lies- was unforgivable, coupled with his in-your-face message to his supporters and democrats as a whole because of his revolting relationship with President Bush.

In simple terms, Senator Lieberman is clearly guilty of violating the basic principles for which the U.S.A. stands for under the Constitution: Doing what is right in the face of opposition and adversity. Some of his own party members have accused him of abandoning those principles that the Democratic Party stands for as well.
Without question, Connecticut voters let him know just how they felt about his betrayal and what they will and will not accept. Bravo!

As a consequence, will voters all across the U.S.A. take notice and stop sending most-if not all-of the “lifers” back to their respective comfortable public service seats when they are not looking out for what is best for the United States of America and their constituents; in that order. In other words, as Mr Ned Lamont- the victor in yesterday's primary election-stated, “Let’s put the U.S.A. first.”

That is the way it should be. Had this basic principle been applied by all sides, republicans and democrats alike, leading up to the Iraq War, the U.S. wouldn’t be in the mess it is now faced with today. Our troops and Iraqis are dying and being maimed almost daily, a civil war is either on-going or is eminent; and billions of badly needed U.S.American dollars are going to waste. I should specify, “borrowed” dollars with mounting interest payments that could wisely be spent right at home in every state, city, and community throughout the country. Too bad politicians don’t manage public funds as well as they manage their own.

It is reported Senator Lieberman plans on running as an independent in the general election. Which goes to show, once again and most profoundly, he only cares about holding on to power and doesn’t want to own up to his mistakes. Nor does he want to face the telling fact that the majority of Connecticut voters just want him to fade away. But I suppose it’s hard to let go of the power, perks and limelight once you are used to them. And, perhaps, that’s all that really matters to many politician in the end.

So for Senator Lieberman, the “chickens have finally come home to roost.” And the “fat lady has finally sang her song.” Good riddance for Connecticut voters and for the good old U.S.A. overall. The whining fence-straddler will probably loose this coming November in the general election. But in politics, just like in any sporting event: "It ain't over til it's over." Thus, no-one can predict the outcome. But, no doubt, many are keeping their fingers crossed. You decide!


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