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Monday, January 21, 2008


No doubt Barack Obama has to defend himself against charges and attacks coming from the Clinton camp, even if some are being made by a former president whose wife happens to be running for the presidency as well. But the primary point that Obama should keep in the forefront of his mind is that he must continue to stay above the fray as much as possible and let others do the underhanded, gutter fighting for him. He must try to look presidential at all times, coupled with carefully measuring when to pick his fights, especially.

Just as Hillary is using her husband Bill as a surrogate, hatchetman, pinchhitter, and the bad cop who brings the negative side of issues into play before the public's eye, Obama should do the same with some of his heavy hitters. Senator John Kerry who recently endorsed him over Hillary would be a good first start. Barack has to understand that when he himself responds in kind, he is only playing the Clintons' game and putting himself on the same level; which is exactly what Bill and Hillary want him to do to break his stride and momentum. Because the more the opponent, Obama, uses his time and energy to respond to their bogus attacks and gotcha-sucker charges, the less time he has to stay on point and get his message out to the voters.

It is quite apparent that when Obama defends against Bill instead of taking on Hillary, he is playing right into the Clintons' well-planned strategic trap. But it isn't too late to recover. If Obama keeps his focus and allow others to address the former president's comments, he will once again be in control of the situation versus the situation being in control of him. You decide!


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