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Friday, January 18, 2008


It is obvious that President Bush's overly optimistic peace initiative between one half of the Palestinians and Israel is falling apart bit-by-bit, and day-by-day. Everyone except the Bush administration knows that Israel doesn't really want a peace settlement. Sure there is a public show, but not real substantive changes in its actions such as halting the building of settlements on Palestinian land or restraining itself from conducting military incursions into Gaza, leaving behind death and destruction; as has been th ecase in recent days.

Bush and Rice, not even the US Congress, have the will nor the courage to do what it takes to get Israel's undivided attention. The only way to bring a rogue state under control is to-simply-start cutting off the $3 billion or more annual funding, decisively and abruptly, until there is a clear sign of change in policies and actions toward the Palestinian people.

Clearly, Prime Minister Olmert-the current leader of Israel- has out foxed the US once again, just as others have many times in the past. You decide.
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