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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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Preface: This Blogger’s comments to the Chicago Tribune in response to the October 10, 2007 article: “Cops disband elite unit, Scandal-plagued division broken up under pressure of criminal probes.

An excellent story on Acting Chief of Police Dana Stark's decision to disband the SOS team. But why aren't you addressing the fact that it takes an acting chief, to make a decision that the Mayor should have made, coupled with the fact the Mayor seems to "never" comprehend the seriousness and broad implications of such rogue City officials; whether they serve as police officers or bureaucrats. Just look at how he defended his convicted patronage chief Robert Sorich. Why haven't you all asked the operative question: Is the Mayor suffering from the Hubris Syndrome? Or the intoxication of power? Or maybe he is simply and clearly in over his head(?). Too many people, if the Mayor is telling the truth about what he knows and doesn't know about the incessant corruption and scandalous behavioral patterns of some City employees, are consistently making him look like a fool and doofus (dufus)/moron. Additionally, is the Mayor really "Fit For Purpose" of overseeing the City's business? And last but not least, don't you think you should give Acting Chief Starks a well deserved KUDOS? C. Middleton,Sr/Publisher of: and (END)
NOTE: Supt. Starks would definitely have my vote for mayor if he were to run, and I were living in Chicago. He is a hero with this Chicago American-Expat and others living in the United Kingdom. New Campaign suggestion: STARKS FOR MAYOR OF CHICAGO!
Article written by: David Heinzmann and Emma Graves Fitzsimmons, Tribune staff reporters, and Tribune staff reporter Gary Washburn who contributed to the report.
Read entire story with video by clicking below Link:,1,6200690.story?track=rss


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