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Friday, October 12, 2007

CHICAGO: MAYOR DALEY PROPOSES A $293 MILLION INCREASE IN TAXES, FEES AND FINES! Are Some Chicago Voters Getting Exactly What They Deserve?



Yesterday’s on line Chicago Tribune article's title read: “Daley's big tax bite. Only 1 choice, mayor says.” Not surprising!

And when I read the first sentence of the art
icle, I could only shake my head and laugh, sadly: “ Mayor Richard Daley proposed a whopping $293 million increase in taxes, fees and fines Wednesday, including a 15 percent jump in Chicago's property-tax levy, among the biggest in the city's history.”

I further lamented to myself: ” Chicagoans-those that voted for Daley- are getting exactly what they deserve by reelecting the Mayor, time and time again. They should not complain. But for those voters that were insightful and visionary that voted for his opponents are the ones that are not worthy of such an invasion on their pocket books and bank accounts; especially those that are struggling to make ends meet. And believe it or not, apparently, the Mayor acknowledges the same.

Ironically however, it seems that no one- the City Council in particular, has addressed the unnecessary overspending, coupled with the fraud, waste and abuse issues that contribute immensely to budget short falls. But then again, will the aldermen ask those hard pressing questions in light of the fact they themselves, their minions and family members are in many respects receiving substantial monetary benefits from Daley’s wasteful and overspending patterns and practices?

The article states that Daley, ......, expressed regret for the need to seek more from residents. But he insisted that the issue boiled down to a choice between higher taxes and stagnation. Da? Would not a temporary period of City stagnation (showing little activity) be better than putting residents in a more stressful financial situation or deeper in debt in many cases as a result of across -the-board tax increases? Is the Mayor’s expressed regret actually genuine?

Also, I have a few admonishing words to those dire heart Daley supporters: Stop whining! You are reaping precisely what you voted for, time-after-time!
Again, I pose the underlying question: “are some Chicago voters getting exactly what they deserve? But at the expense of the wiser voters; specifically those that are of the lower stratum of Chicago residents and tax payers? You decide!
Read complete article by Gary Washburn and Mickey Ciokajlo, Tribune staff reporters, dtd October 11, 2007, at below LINK:


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