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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

GENERAL PETREAUS’ IRAQ PROGRESS REPORT TO CONGRESS: Appeared To Be More Of An Attempt To Influence Policy Than Providing an Objective Assessment!

(Photo: AP/Yahoo)

I watched General Petraeus’ Iraq Progress Report to Congress via CNN and CSPAN yesterday, and I must say, although he provided pretty mush a detailed assessment on the progress being made in various areas, and the lack there of as well, I still found his approach and method of providing the report to be somewhat disappointing.

It was apparent to me that the General’s report was skewed towards attempting to influence the Congress and the Nation into the same mind set as the Bush administration is proffering: Stay the course; don’t cut ands run; we need more time-though not sure how much; and to leave now will cause a catastrophic outcome. He spoke as if the US American public and the world doesn’t comprehend that the latter hasn’t been the case already; understanding he was referring to proportionality as far as more violence and sectarian cleansing, and so on.

In my “bias” opinion, bias in the sense that I was vehemently opposed to the invasion in the first place, the General could have left out the speculations about the calamity that will ensue in the event of an immediate pull out of US forces from Iraq. As everyone predicts, whether pro or con, after a full withdrawal of US forces, more-likely-than-not “all-out-hell” will break loose. But as some have wisely stated, it is now up to the Iraqis to clean up the mess the US has created but with continued support from the US; that which does not involve ground forces. Staying there any longer, merely exacerbates and further fuels the problem, even more. Thus, leave it to the politicians to sort out whether to or not to withdraw US forces; with the General's "how to" input.

Furthermore, General Petraeus is keenly aware that it will take a good two years-at minimum-to remove all the operational and support equipment that is now cluttering up the Iraqi landscape. Thus, in actuality, if a full withdrawal were to begin today, it would not be before 2009 or 2010 before such a massive undertaking would be realized in its entirety. Also, very few politicians and bureaucrats are talking about the fact there will still be troops left manning the military bases that have been built on Iraqi soil; some 51 major and minor facilities, as last reported.

As former Senator Lee Hamilton, Co-Chair of the Iraq Study Group, stated: “the duty of the military is not to set national policy, but to follow it. And the Congress cannot allow a military leader to do so. “ It seems both the General and the President ignored that longstanding military protocol and tradition, and Constitutional principle.

As such, I stand by my posting from yesterday, in that Bush had a hidden agenda to influence the General's progress report when he conducted a surprise visit last week. Whether realized or not on the General's part, the commander-and chief's visit had an impact on the General's objectivity in the manner in which he gave his presentation. My only hope is that the Congress, both democrats and republicans, will not allow the General’s obvious misguided attempt as an effective proxy diplomat and White House tool-versus his simply carrying out his role as a military commanding officer-to sway their opinions. I say cut-off the purse string for all unnecessary operational funding, now! You decide!


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