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Monday, September 17, 2007

O.J. (SIMPSON) DIDN’T DO IT! Simply not smart enough! Or is he?

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O.J. didn’t do it! That is kill his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman, committing two brutal murders .

Recent events pertaining to the “bungled-supposedly-sting operation” that took place in Las Vegas last week to get back his-purportedly-stolen memorabilia, coupled with the unprecedented after mass of confusion, leads me to believe that O.J. isn’t that smart. Intelligent, yes, but not too smart.

Anyone that would screw up such a simple and uncomplicated robbery could not have master-minded a double murder, what some have termed “the perfect crime.”
Sure it was alleged that the evidence was contaminated and the jury was polarized and so on. But those are issues that have been debated endlessly, culminating with immeasurable disdain and , yes, even hate for O.J. And we all know what that hate is based on, pure and simple. Don’t we?

O.J. got away-if he is actually guilty-with killing two white people.
In the great United States of America that is not supposed to happen. Understanding that such a beastly crime should not be acceptable irregardless of the race and color of the victims and the perpetrator. But when the perpetrator is a black man and the victims are white, a totally different mind set takes control among those enforcing, prosecuting, adjudicating our laws, and the white majority public in general. Just refer to history.

Once again, if O.J. was so incompetent in executing a non-complex robbery job, then how could he have perpetrated a double murder with expert-precision and end up not being convicted? Has he outsmarted himself this time? Has his own cockiness and stupidity finally given the authorities and O.J. haters what they have been looking for since he was acquitted of the two murders? Is the Las Vegas debacle going to seal O.J.s fate of spending considerable time behind bars? Will justice finally prevail? Or will it just be the wheels of vengeful-justice in motion? Still, I maintain-with slight reservation-that he didn’t do it? Or did he? And then again, perhaps, his aging is affecting his cognitive abilities. You decide!


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