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Monday, November 10, 2008


Is Rush Limbaugh a racist or is he simply a person that believes truly in the messages he is spewing out day-after-day on his Talk Radio Show? It is awfully difficult to discern just where his true feelings pertaining to race actually lie,especially in light of the fact he continues to send mixed messages in reference to his perspectives toward minorities; particularly blacks. The sad part about his shaded messages is that he has a large following of committed listeners that appear to have confidence in his political principles and ideologies when it comes to race relations,and what is best for this country,

This occasional listener hasn't heard one word of encouragement from Rush Limbaugh pertaining to how we as Americans should try to live together in peace and harmony, with mutual respect for our fellow citizens; regardless of race, color or religion.

Just imagine the positive influence Rush could effectuate with such positiveness, instead of intentionally creating unnecessary controversy, such as raising doubt about the motives of blacks and their wrongfully perceived obsession to won't government hand-outs. Or that Mexican illegals are bringing this country down; and so on. 

Further, in reference to the new President-elect Obama, Rush Limbaugh has not stated one positive word-that I have heard-to motivate the his listeners to get on board the Obama "Yes We Can" national initiative. He continues to carry on with his attacks on Obama as if the election is still around the corner and the Republicans have a chance to win. Rush! The political campaigns have ended; the election is over. Obama won! McCain Lost. Get over it! Join  the Obama movement to try and build a better USA. 

Last,I know your job is to keep controversy going to hold the attention of many of your lost soul listeners, but please think about the disservice you are doing to this great nation that you profess to love so much. RUSH! PLEASE THINK OF THE "POSTIVE GOOD" YOU CAN PROJECT WITH YOUR GOD GIVEN TALENT AND WELL EARNED POPULARITY AND RESPECT YOU ENJOY FROM SUCH A MASSIVE RADIO LISTENING AUDIENCE.

I am still wondering Rush, whether you really want to see harmony between and among the races? Please answer that one poignant question for me and your dedicated listeners. As always, you decide!    


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't listen to his show. Listen to Air America, NPR, and other liberal talk shows. There they complain about how bad America is. How Israel is murdering HAMAS, How we need to talk to terrorist. How Buch is the devil and Fidel is an Angel and so on and so on..........and by the way don't listen to Michael Savage he will give you a heart attack.......

Sunday, January 11, 2009 6:19:00 AM  

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