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Friday, January 06, 2006


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I feel vindicated and justified in writing my Wednesday, December 21, 2005 posted letter, FED UP!,to certain members of the Illinois delegation. No doubt the Jack Abramoff case is indicative of the frustration I was expressing with both political parties. Mr Abramhoff,a wheeler and dealer, prominent and influencial lobbyist on the Washington scene, has caused a calamity on Capital Hill that some say is, perhaps,unprecedented since the Tea Pot Dome scandalof the 1920s. The fallout is massive and can only get worst, in that he admits giving trips and cash in exchange for "series of official acts." Abramhoff's corrupt and influence buying tentacles could bring down as many as sixty Washington lawmakers. And again, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, members from both the republican and democratic parties, respectively, are on his exposure list.

My understanding is that Senator Durbin of Illinois received around $6,000.00 in campaign contributions from Mr Abramhoff. Since Mr Abramhoff's guilty plea in a Washington D.C. court on January 3rd, supposedly, Senator Durbin has returned the money or donated it to charity(?). Among other legislators who have suddenly found their conscious,is House Speaker Dennis Hastert(R-IL)who collected some $100,000.00 from Abramhoff's firm and American Indians' tribal clients, will donate the money to charity.

I will not attempt to recapitulate the entire Abramhoff case here in this writing because the news media and other blogs will do an adequate job in providing sufficient coverage for all to make up his or her own mind and to further scratch their head in dismay, and ponder. I will close, however, simply by saying that my aforementioned letter to the Illinois delegation is a perfect model for one to use as a reference to further demonstrate the expressed cynicism, discuss and frustration that currently pervade the public all across the U.S. I say to every lawmaker at all levels of governments, and in both major parties,in particular: The peoples of these United States of America are "FED UP" with being sold out. We deserve and demand better!


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